Sunday, March 8, 2009

An awesome weekend

Yes on Saturday Big Ro woke up sick. We still went to our favorite buffett for dinner. I love chinese and this diet is making me love the food more if that is even possible. I am craving a pizza so badly right now but I will wait until next week. Only 9 days until I turn 29. I just know this birthday is going to be so lonely. Ro will be at work and school and Roana will be at school. I am thinking of treating myself to a filet o fish sandwich for lunch. Oh well back to the weekend.

We watched Unborn. I called what was happening at the beginning. I told him and he said did you watch it. I just knew it. I would not recommend this movie to anyone. Ok maybe dvd. I just expected it to be scarier.

Sunday we went to a birthday party for a good friends son. I went to toys r us. I got him a Wonderpet, Cars Lego Set and a car for 5.00! We had cake and ceviche and we had a great time. I am now motivated to have parties for these kids somehow someway...I could order 10 pizzas a cake and a few party favors and have memories for these kids for years to come.

So it was a quick weekend. Now that is warming up around here I am going to start taking new pictures. Promise. I have to get back into good mommy mode.

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Heather said...

Looking forward to new pixs!