Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday & Sunday

Saturday was Ro's company picnic. It was at a very nice park near Monument Colorado. I did not take pictures as I decided this year was to be a year of socializing and interacting instead of hiding behind a camera. We ate bratwurst, burgers, hot dogs and of course cake. We had our face painted and I had a bad mama body art. We played tug of war....(my team won of course and so did Ro's). Then the kids beat pinatas. We played hard and came home and took a nap.

On Sunday Ro and I went to Denver. We were helping a friend of ours look at a location for his business. We were flattered and drove around with him in his big beautiful black Tundra. We found a potential place now just to put in offers. Driving around town there brought back memories. It brought back memories of where we first met, our first place and of course our marriage. We drove past the little house we said our dos and I wanted to cry. I never imagined I would have married the wonderful man I married that day. I am so blessed for him.

We got home late. It was very eventful. A few people got pictures of us at the picnic and if I get any back I will post them at this time. I am glad we had a great weekend but I also look forward to relaxing the next one.

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