Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Last Day being 30

I am looking back this past year and surprisingly it has not been a bad year at all around here. Ro finished school in May. Ro and I celebrated our 12th anniversary. We have made it OK. We bought a minivan. I lost 21 lbs. Life is good. I am blessed.

About now I sit here and think of my mama. I think of all the pain she endured 31 years ago waiting for my big head to pop out. Then I think of how she did adore me if she brought me into this world. She made me who I am and who I am going to be. She taught me strength and taught me tears. She taught me all I know. 31 years ago this woman gave birth to an incredible woman. Me of course. Thank you Mama for enduring it all. I will make the most of everyday. You are missed and I love you. Happy Labor Day mom.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Here we Go Mustangs, Here we Go!

Last week was supposed to be our first soccer game but the flu hit our house and my poor son was heartbroken. As he vomited he cried to me "But mama I am letting my team down." My heart sank for my baby but I am sure those parent's did not really want me exposing our team's to the icky bug. So instead we called the arena and let them know we would not be there. They were understanding and told me just to get him better.

I bought his cleats and shin protectors and today we got up at 7:30 so we could make a breakfast. I made sausage, bacon, eggs and english muffins. Then we put him in the tub so he would be so fresh and clean.

8:45 we walk into the room and he runs to the field looking for a ball to practice. He is so excited and when they exclaim "Mustangs" Then the roll call he goes running to his team mates. I teared up a bit as my little baby looked so large out there with those kids.

The game started at 9 and Lil Ro played maybe 50 percent of the game. He was very happy and did get one technical when he used his hands. We need to practice more at home but we are learning he does good. He just needs to learn the fundamentals.

The game ended at 10 and the kids had a blast. The lined up and said "Good game" and shook hands. They got together as a team in a huddle put in all their hands and threw them into the air exclaiming "Mustangs". The final score was 2-0 mustangs. Lil Ro did not score but he did his best and that is most important.

1:15 was t-ball practice and like I suspected that was his good sport. We need to practice fielding a bit but he dominates hitting. He uses his force and focuses on the ball. He is going to feed that hunger and become all the player he deserves to be.

Basically I am becoming the mom I swore I would never become. I am a soccer mom, a sports mom. I am the one standing behind the net screaming for every team player. My heart bursts with joy when my son succeeds and falls in disappointment when he fails. But either way my son is learning teamwork and how to have fun. That is most important. I dream of the day he becomes a baseball player. If we continue to feed this hunger it will happen. We just have to keep believing and supporting him. He is perfect just the way he is. I love my life. Its not perfect but every time I do something for them they just become a little happier and healthier.