Sunday, May 26, 2013

First Weekend of Summer

Finally after 9 months of School we can say School is out for the Summer. Yes we go back Mid August but we get to enjoy our family time now. We have decided that every weekend we are planning something special as family time. This weekend was a sweet little picnic up in the Rocky Mountains called Lake Manitou. We packed up our sandwiches, sodas, and chips, and drove up to spend our day up there. We got there around 11 and stayed until 2. Hiking around the lake and just enjoyed the natural beauty of our wonderful state. I complain about no family. I complain about never seeing Ro but knowing we live here is worth it. I completely love my state.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's A.....

Baby! We were burdened by the fear of an ectopic. Then Worried about viability. Yesterday was our 7 week sonagram to check growth at 11. The doctor  took me back into the room at 10:50. Ro was not there. He was supposed to be there at 10:45. The doctor sent me to the bathroom and then I changed for the ultrasound. Ro was not answering his phone at all. I had a feeling from the beginning that he would miss the appointment.At 10:57 we started the sono. The doctor had the monitor turned away from me. She told me she was checking the ovaries, tubes and all that fun stuff.

Next thing I know she turns the tube towards me and I see a beautiful sight. I see flickering. That is my childs tiny heartbeat. It is already beating at 153 bpm. My husband missed it. He missed the whole thing. We chatted for a bit and I would start my regular ultrasounds at 9 weeks. Our new baby will be arriving around 1-8-2014. I am so love with this child already.

I am getting teary typing this up. I will update tomorrow about my big girl. Life with My Ro's is getting interesting. I cannot wait to see where this Ride takes me.

Baby Ro to Be

Monday, May 20, 2013

My "Baby" finished 1st Grade

Kindergarten was a rough year for us. Rowen was very immature and honestly we did not know how he would perform in first grade. I pushed refused retainment and thankfully his teacher was absolutely wonderful. She saw through his immaturity and he turned into the student I knew he could be. Today was his last day as a first grader. I grabbed my camera to get his pictures and I held it together. I was fine until I got home and found a letter from his teacher. I broke down into tears. My baby is growing up so fast.

Rowen, I am so proud of who you are becoming. Keep following your dreams darling. With great teachers and me as your mommy you will go far. You are going to be a big brother soon and trust me, you will rock at it. You will always be my baby. Mommy loves you! 

Rowen with Mrs. R

Our wonderful crossing guard

This lady loves her job and I love her.

My Big Second Grader!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Making Room for My Fourth Ro

I know I am not even out of my first trimester but right now is yard sale time! I have my cradle from when I was born made in 1979. I have a few outfits but honestly we are starting from scratch. I saw a yardsale sign today and something told me to go walking over there. I walked over eagerly and saw a sweet little baby section. I looked at the prices and gasped. It was all for $10!

I got a pack n play. It will be great for when baby is older and needs a nap. I got an exersaucer. I got a bath tub. I got 2 sleepers and a kick and play piano. We are slowly but surely getting ready for babe.

Rowen is going to be in second grade next year! My goodness how time flies.

Roana, is going to be going to college this summer. Crazy but she is ahead and needs to stay ahead.

I am a very blessed woman. Ro is working overtime but he is doing it so our family can grow and be comfortable. I may not have this year going the way I planned but I am happy to say I am happy the way God is taking me.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

33 and Pregnant

I will cherish every moment I have with my sweet baby. I am enjoying every moment of pregnancy but I swear I do not remember pregnancy being this hard with my first two! I feel crampy, irritable. I go from hungry to nauseous and happy to sad. Oh the joys of hormones. Every cramp scares the bejezzus out of me. I fear for my sweet pea. I love so deeply this sweet human being. I cannot wait until Weds to see it again. I never dreamed of having 3 babies but now that it is here I want this child more then anything. Please pray for my sweet child.  I dream of holding him or her in January!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Well us Ro's got quite the surprise

Deep down I have always wanted 3 children. I tried to convince myself that the time is not right. I told myself this world is too insane. Heck I even have an IUD so I will not conceive until I take it out. Well I am here to say when someone else has a plan you cannot change the plan.

On April 29th I took a pregnancy test. I was going to just take this test to get my period to start. It works every other month. Imagine my shock when I saw this....yes it took 12 to convince me!

God has other plans for me. The doctor got me in right away and told me my IUD had failed. She saw a nice thick lining but no baby yet.

Finally the following week I went in and saw this....

It is official we are going to have another Ro come January! I never imagined I would have 3 children but now that I saw that ultrasound I cannot imagine my life without him or her. Follow this page closly. Things are going to get very interesting here come January when I have a 7th grader, a 2nd grader and a newborn. I look forward to posting again and watching my babies grow as a family of 5. Welcome to my new Reality. Life with My 4 Ro's!