Thursday, April 30, 2009

Of Course now we are sick

I am feeling bad. The kids are feeling bad. I need a nap. I am hoping this flu is not attacking us. I am probably overreacting here but better safe then sorry. Went and got meds and bunkering down in the evening for a long weekend.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Time to Worry

Or Maybe not! Who knows right now?

Swine flu has hit back home and I am terrified. I am trying to reassure myself it will be fine but it seems like my kids somehow find a way to contract any and all diseases. Especially my little man. I am very worried about my family in San Luis Potosi. I do not want anything bad to happen to them. Keep us and all families in your prayers. I have a feeling we are all in for a long big ride. I just pray it is all overrated and over hyped. God is good. He will not give us more then we can handle.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We can do this, yes we can!

I so wish Colorado could make up its mind what weather we are having! Yesterday was 74 now today it is snowing and raining with fog. I am going to be mad if Lil Ro gets sick from this. Now I know why people live in places like Flordia and California. At least you dont get different weather every few minutes.

I have been a bad mommy today. I did not put Roanas hair up into pretty little bows today. She will have to deal. I had to go to the store for essentials and by darn I am going to relax a little in the morning.

Ro went back to school today. I am really missing him again. It stinks but I know in the end it will all be worth it. He makes me proud and I know he is bettering himself for all of us.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Home again, Home again Jiggity Jig

Today was the typical Monday however Ro had a migraine and decided to stay home from school. I forgive him we all deserve a down day sometimes. We played Guitar Hero on the Wii and then we also watched all our shows from last week. That wife swap from last Friday unfreakingbelievable.

We are doing well just adjusting back to the week. I hope it all goes well.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The end of our wonderful weekend celebration

Today was a great day. We went to the park and played fetch with the dogs. Then we came home and played Guitar hero Wii and then sat and played the ukulele. After dinner at our favorite taco shop we came home to a Carvels Ice Cream Cake. Safeway was nice enough to provide the toppers at no charge. We sang happy birthday and lil Ro was ecstatic. He even sang to himself. I am sad now as it is official. I am mom to a three year old child. Where did the time go? I am blessed to have this life and now I need to plan my last. Life is good and I am so glad I am living it with the people who allow me to share this joy.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A birthday Weekend continued

We wanted this weekend to be a weekend the kids could remember for a long time to come. When driving through Englewood where our roots started we came across a place called Funtastic Fun. The kids begged to go and after a quick google search we decided why the heck not? It looked like a blast. We entered and our admission for all four of us was 28.00. That was not too bad for unlimted rides and games.

We took our turns and had a blast and I can say the kids and us were all worn out. Afterward we went to Pollo Loco for dinner and then a panaderia for dessert. It was an awesome Saturday and I think the pics do the talking.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Today was the big day. The day we were to celebrate our son turning three. I was so excited for this to happen and then bam it hit me. A killer migraine. I wanted to have a good time so we still headed down to Denver. We left Colorado Springs around 12 and got to the hotel around 3 after picking up our tickets. I checked in and was very pleased with our hotel. It had a fountain in the lobby and was a very nice room for the 33 dollars we spent on it.

We hung out at the hotel until 4 and then we headed off to the game. We got lost and had to use our gps to find the parking and I was miserable. Caffiene was not helping and being lost made it ten times worse. Finally we got to the parking and rode the shuttle to the gates for batting practice. I was ecstatic and so was my son. He got to see the players up close and personal. We had awesome seats and I was very grateful.

Little Ro and I spent most of the game wandering around the park. We had to leave during the seventh inning as a cold front moved in and the kids and I had no coats. I was so glad I did this for my son. He played a game in the interactive zone and people stopped and watched him bat the ball. One of the assistants commented "I am willing to bet we will see him out here in about 20 years. lets hope he is playing for the rockies." I understand my son has a love for the game and I need to nourish it. I will not push too hard but he knows the concept and I will make sure he has access to it always. It was a good night despite the migraine and I look forward to seeing my Rockie's once again.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Lil Ro!

Exactly 3 years ago today you came into this world very fiesty. I should have known that would have been an indicator of the future. You were so perfect with your light skin and curly red hair. I was in awe of your handsomeness from birth. My son, my legacy was in this world. My footprint for generations to come had made his apperance. He was perfect and I was in love.

3 years later now you are quite an athlete. You love baseball, soccer, football and even some kickball. You also still love to sing and have an knack for music. I am still amazed my baby is growing so quickly. I know now because of you and your sister that I am a wonderful mother. How else could such beauty and talent exist?

So today on your third birthday my wonderful son I have a couple of words for you. If something should ever happen to me I pray you can look back on this blog and read it and know just how much you mean to me. No matter what you become or who you become I am your mom. I will be proud of you if you are a bum on the street or a CEO of a large company. I will always look at you and see that tiny helpless newborn boy that I had prayed so hard for. The one I cried at the ultrasound when the tech pointed out your lil turtle. I know right now sometimes I get frusturated and feel helpless but it will not always be this way. You my son are the light of my light. You are the perfect combination of your father and I and we will always love you.

My readers...I apologize for now pictures on his birthday. We will be celebrating on this coming weekend. I promise then I will have lots of pictures. I am so blessed that I have now celebrated 2 birthdays with you all. I hope you all remain and watch my children grow into happy and healthy adults.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

3 years ago tonight

I was laying in the hospital bed. I was having pitocin pumped through my veins and I kept telling Rogelio I need my back rubbed. The dr was checking my dilation and my sister in law came in to see her nephew be born.

I was terrified of having a boy and very excited at the same time. I never imagined what I was in for. I never imagined that another male could hold my heart quite as tightly as my husband had. And yet he has more. I look at him and smile. I am so proud of him. He is sweet and caring and yet a little travieso too. He is hooked on sports. You name it. Basketball, baseball, football and even soccer. He want to play it all.

Three years ago my son was going to bless this earth. I could not wait to meet him and now tonight I cannot imagine my life without him. I love you little man. Today and always. You are my light and you make me proud. I cannot wait to continue to watch you grow and become a wonderful man. I cry when I think of that and I am so excited for you too. I love you my son always and forever.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I am Latina (Well At least I can cook like one)

I have mastered my husbands favorite foods now. First was Menudo. Then Mole. Then Tamales. Now I have mastered Enchiladas Potosinas. I first attempted them yestersday and they turned out pretty good. Today I decided to play with the recipe a little bit and OMG I am in heaven. These are authentic and I made them from memory instead of a recipe online.

I love cooking and thinking I did this. I made these and have them actually being edible is amazing. I love the fact that my children are growing up embracing these foods their daddy grew up with and that their mom can do it. I love taking care of my family and raising all of them

Here is the recipe for anyone who feels like attempting them.

Enchiladas Potosinas:
4 cups masa mix (Maseca)
1 package of dried chile (I used Ancho Pasilla)
1 pound queso fresca (seperated)
Pinch of salt Water
Oil of choice

Boil the chiles for approximately 15 minutes. Let cool and run in blender. Drain chile through strainer into large bowl. Add maseca until firm and salt to taste. Take approximately 1 inche of dough and form into ball. Press into a tortilla press until flat. Scoop a tbps or two of cheese in middle. Pinch closed and continue process until all masa and cheese is gone. Heat 2 inches of oil in pan. I used olive oil because that is what I had on hand. Put the enchilada in and cook until crispy almost 3-4 minutes. Drain enchilada on paper towel and prep the avacado by slicing. Serve with avacado, chopped onion and refried beans. A meal all can enjoy and as I say a little peice of heaven. Hope someone enjoys my recipe. I am very pleased. I love learning new things and I know my family is loving watching mommy cook again.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A busy Sunday Indeed

We woke up today at 830. We found a nice leather case off of craigslist for 4 bucks so we had to go get it. Then we ran to walmart to pick up a tool set. My husband was going to fix our station wagon. I then remembered I had a gift card for my Ro-n for build a bear. We ran to build a bear and built two bears (actually a bear and a dog) and then to kmart and got some clearance clothes for the kids.

We ran to Monica's for lunch. I had a heavenly chile relleno burrito and we chatted in the car. We drove home and Ro parked the car.

I got the dogs and went to the park next door while Ro fixed the car. We flew kites and ran in circles and Ro worked and worked. I am so proud he got that car working again.

We drove the car around as it has been sitting now for 3 months and talked some more. We came home and watched a movie and I made enchiladas potosinas and then went to bed.

It was a busy day but we had a great time. I am glad we get some time as a family. I cannot wait until school is over so we can be a whole family all week again.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Yes it is the middle of April. I am in Disbelief myself. I looked outside and only after Ro running roana to school we found out it was cancelled. Yes it is snowing and we are stuck here all day.

I am tired and ready for sleep. I will update more another day.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wow talk about surprising

Today is the final day of the heavy week for us. It is supposed to be very ugly today and I am scared of what tomorrow will hold. They say snow of at least 6-12 inches. Dont worry east coast it will be coming your way.

I want to post more but my hubby walked in the door and he is carrying a pizza for the kids. I am going to relax with him for a while.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Living in Scary times

Sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing giving birth to two beautiful children nowdays. The world is corrupt and people are making it worse. Today is Weds. I usually do not letters in my daughters folder today but Roana brought me a green letter. It stated that yesterday at her school and another school was approached by a man in his late 40s to early 50's. He drives a white van with gold rims. They say his intentions were not known but he had no children in the schools. We were advised to go over safety precautions with our children once again. I am freaking out here.

My daughter is very innocent. She can tell me she will not approach anyone but I know in my heart if some guy in a van tells her hey little girl I have a puppy want to see it. She is his putty. I need to wake her up and make her face reality. But I do not want to give up my little girl either. I do not want her to suffer any kind of abuse either.

Why do bad people have to ruin this world? Why do I have to force my child to grow up so fast? This is all so unfair, now I am stuck in fear and will not be relieved until my child is safe with me. I guess I am becoming a helicopter parent but if it is th only way to protect her so be it. One day she will thank me.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ok here are my results so far

Before: December 2008
252 lbs

Curently: April 11, 2009
224 lbs

I am nowhere near where I want to be but I am pleased so far. Yes I can. Si se puede! Si se puede!

Also I am about ready to knock the block off some of these people at Roana's school. I was turning in Roana's reading report and the teacher said to me. I really hope you plan on homeschooling him. I was confused. She goes what is his problem he is always screaming. I replied He is three and is still learning a lot.

Then in the afternoon I pulled my hair into a pony tail and some mom mad a remark about it. She is like wow both you and your son look good for a change. I am so tired of people. They need to mind their business. I will wake up tomorrow in a better mood. I have to.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Let's Go Rockies

Roana really needed a new pair of Khakis for school so we headed off to the segunda. I was very excited as we hardly go there anymore. I was shocked and surprised Saturday as everything was 50 percent off. I quickly found her a pair of Khakis and I thought well why don't we all dress for the Rockies game on the 24th? I headed over to the mens section and I found two very cute Rockies shirts and Roana came screaming at me. Mommy mommy look what I found. In her arms she was holding three Rockies hats and a scooby doo sleeping bag. I could not say no. Off we went to the cash register and I paid. I was very pleased when he announced a total of 18. I could not even get one shirt at coors field for that price.

Today was monday. I hate Mondays. I miss my husband and I want a break. Is it summer yet? I cannot wait until June. We may be going to Fresno. We will see. So it was uneventful to say the least.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hopping down the bunny trail!

I woke up this morning so excited to take the kids to a park to set out some easter eggs. Ro rustled me and said "Baby the egg hunt is not happening today." I was bummed but made the best of it. I saw a commercial for Burger king and we headed over there for lunch. I already had it set in my mind.

I was going to make a dinner noone would ever forget. I went to Burger king and they informed me that they were out of fish and chicken but had chicken nuggets. Ok Whatever this was ot going to get my day down. I ordered a whopper jr with no mayo and headed into the kids place. I went to take pictures and I realized I could see my breath. It was snowing and freezing and the place had no heat. My hubby and I wolfed down the burgers and headed out to Walmart.

While in Walmart I got the makings of a great easter dinner. At home I had the things to make an awesome shrimp cocktail. At walmart I wanted to complete dinner with cheese cake, carrot cake and the best of all White chocolate strawberries drizzled with milk chocolate. I bought everything and I told the kids lets go home. We got home and stayed here for the rest of the evening. The kids played with thier new stash and I cooked and we ate. It was a simple easter but I was very happy we had a great one.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

I am so tired and I need a drink

My heart is ripping in half so I finally convinced Ro to stop at a liquor store. I got myself a six pack of smirnoff ice mango. I am sitting here right now sipping one as I type. My kids are being extra naughty and I am so tired its not even half funny. Also my Ro took me to my favorite chinese resturaunt and we ate like heaven. The kids are sleeping and the easter bunny has came. I cannot wait until morning. Here are some pics of the kids. Hope you enjoy.