Friday, August 27, 2010

TGIF! Thank Goodness. I am going insane!

I honestly thought with 5 years apart my kids would be able to get along and ignore each other. Oh man, I was so very wrong. They still argue and fight. I pray every night they will become best friends and that I will have that family I always dreamed of. I look forward to Friday because that is a day where we become a 2 parent family. Ro works a lot so I try to give him a break because I know I would lose my mind working and dealing with us. He appreciates it and gives me the same respect on the weekends.

Today was Student Assessment Day at school so students with difficulties go in for assistance. They get the assessments they need and all other kids get the day off. Fun for them but not so much fun for us parents. The kids and I woke up around 8 and cleaned the house. We watched some Rugrats and then my own Rugrats decided to do their normal daily fighting. Ugh they are lucky they are cute.

Quickly the day heated up so I exclaimed. Ok kids Pool time! We went to the closets pulled out our gear and off we went. The kids handled it well for an hour and then other kids showed up and Lil Ro threw a fit. He screamed and carried on so I said enough lets go. He did really well though today. He swam for 30 minutes without any floatie at all. He stayed in shallow end at my request but he did it. I love watching him grow and his lil accomplishments remind me that this is the reason I had kids. Even if sometimes I could pull every single one of my hairs out.

Monday, August 23, 2010

We are cutting back

In attempt to save some money and bond closer as a family we are cutting back! We decided a couple of weeks ago that we would cancel our cable. Receiving our bill was the final note. I refuse to pay $140 to Comcast just to stare at an idiot box for hours and making my kids fight. After talking to Big Ro I decided to just cut all the cable out. We now have just internet and that is going to run us $34.95 a month. We are also subscribing to netflix and hulu. I fired the cable network and it felt really good! I honestly do not miss it all. Hubby and I are sleeping better and communicating more and Roana is reading more. I hope we still do well come winter.

Wish us luck but I am going to be happy knowing that we are saving $100 a month now.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pow Pow, Power Wheels, Pow Pow Power Wheels! PowerWheeeels!

Lil Ro has been begging for a "tend" car. I have been scouting them on Craigslist like there is no tomorrow. Everyone wanted to sell them for anywhere from 75-150 and no way was I paying that for something he may or may not want to play with. One day by complete accident I typed in Powerwheels completely misspelled. Up came a result for a jeep that does not go in reverse for $15 obo. I emailed the lady and she said it was still available and yes she would accept $10 for it. I am so glad as he is in love. I am glad my boy likes his toy. It is a little faded but will get lots of love. I want to paint it. Ro wants to paint it black and I want to paint it like a turtle. We will see what happens in the end.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where in the heck does time go?

Today my beautiful princess. My first born. The light in my eye. Today she started the fourth grade. I cannot believe how I feel right now. She is growing into the little lady I dreamed of right before my eyes. Someday I will look back at these pictures and cry. She walked to school full of hope and we both anxiously met her teacher. I adore her new teacher. So its a new year and I know it will be good. Here is hoping she is everything I dreamed of and more.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Finally! The day has arrived!

Today as I type this tears are streaming down my face. 18 months ago we dreamed of this moment. It was very hard for both of us but I am proud to say he did it! On this day my wonderful husband graduated. As of today he has his Associates degree! It was so wonderful when he walked down the aisle I bawled. He is an amazing man and I am so very proud. I hope you enjoy these pictures of the day that I am sharing.