Thursday, December 30, 2010

Woo hoo Finally!

Today started out to be a not so lovely day. I woke up because I am currently 4 days late. Yep 4 days late. I woke up and could barely look out my eyes. Went to the counter and pulled out a test. I took the test and looked down. Negative. I should have known. IUD's are only 99.9999 percent effective or something like that. My heart sunk a little but honestly right now is not the right time. Our finances are messed up and we are still having some relationship struggles. We are still waiting to hear if Ro got his dream job and so on. It is not time for lil Rosalyn to make her appearance yet if she ever does. I am blessed though. I have 2 beautiful children and a pretty good man. My life is pretty close to perfect.

Today was also 1 week and 4 days into Winter vacation. We have not had a major winter storm as of yet. I miss my snow badly and we even purchased snow tires for this lovely weather. I have a bunch of local channels on my facebook and I am contantly bantering with the weathermen saying things such as "I am dreaming of brown christmas." Or "Snow...Snow? What is that? I miss it a lot. Hope you are right but probably not." Today they predicted 4-7 inches. I doubted it because it seems as if a big old bubble of heat has wrapped itself around our city. But surprisingly at 2:00 I took the trash out and what danced in front of my face? A few snow flurries. I came running in and told the kids. We threw open the blinds and watched it go from Flurries to Snow to White Out in hours. I am thankful though because this is going to help our drought situation.

Tomorrow is New Years Eve. Where in the world did 2010 go? It seems like I blinked and there it went. However good things and bad things have happened this year. Ro graduated, Roana did well in school and Lil Ro well he is just becoming a fine young man. I am very proud of my family. We are supposed to go to the store and pick up some dinner for the kids and I to celebrate Roanas big 1-0. However Ro is fearful the plows may not get out in time. I think I have one more pill left of my blood pressure. If not then I am concerned how this year is going to start out. I really need my meds but not if it is going to cause an accident. Time will tell what happens. I hope the roads clear some or we are going to be munching on 7-11 hot dogs and ding dongs for 2011. But honestly if for some reason that happens as long as I have Big Ro and the kids around it will be good. They are truly the reason for my season. Going to sign off for now. It is 11:13. I just want to become more active agian. I miss my writing and I pray I stay. Good night and remember If you can dream it, You can acheive it!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I have had this blog for 3 years now. I really need to get back on top of it.

This year has been manic. We have had a lot of ups and downs and I have had a lot of stress. This morning is my daughters tenth birthday and reality has smacked me in the face. I am 30 years old now. I have high blood pressure and am overweight. I need to get healthy for myself and my children. As much as this is going to hurt me not being able to eat nummy foods so much I really need to do this. Starting Jan 2nd I am going on a diet. I need to be strict but healthy. I need to exercise and I need to be strong. I have to become a better me. I want to live past 40 for my husband and kids. They deserve to have their mother with them. I can and will do this. I am going to start blogging again every evening for sure. My blood pressure was perfect when I put my feelings into cyberworld. I am going to do this now. I hope everyone has had a great year. I am going to be doing this more often again. Wish me luck on this journey cause here I go again with my running shoes on.

10 years Old today! Time really does fly when you are having fun!

Back in 2000 my sil announced her pregnancy to me on my husbands birthday. I was heartbroken as my dh and I had been married for almost a year and I wanted a child so badly. DH took me to a catholic church on NYE and told me to pray for whatever my heart desired and that God would grant it. I remember kneeling at the pew and tears streaming down my eyes and praying so hard for myself. I prayed so hard for a pregnancy. I forgot all about that day.

Fast forward to Mother's day 2000. We came down to Colorado Springs and went to Kmart and bought my SIL a travel system. I fell in love with it but I told Ro we had no reason for me to buy it for me. I was not with child. We took my sil to chipotle for Mothers day where they gave her a free burrito. They then asked me if I too was pregnant. I told them no...not to my knowledge. The sweet lady gave me a burrito anyway and stated "Maybe you are not pregnant right now but someday you will be a mom. Sooner or later." We finished our day with SIL and driving home from here to Denver I told dh. Hon I think I may be late. He looked at me and we stopped at Safeway. I ran in and grabbed an answer test. It quickly turned positive. My heart leapt with Joy and I called my sil. I was indeed pregnant.

On December 28th 2000 I went to the dr for my normal check up. My daughter was due on Jan 22. I never imagined what would happen next. The dr felt my uterus and told me my water felt low. She sent me to ultrasound and indeed I was very low on water. She instructed me to call my husband and go to the hospital immediately where they could hook me up on ivs for fluid. I called dh in tears and he ran home from work. He had already requested 3 weeks off the following month to stay home with us but his boss told him we could figure it out when it happened.

We got to the hospital at 2:30 they hooked me up to an iv and checked my water. My water was broken. The dr came in and told me as soon as shift changed we would do induction. 9:30 pm they started my pitocin. Those were the most painful pains I had ever had in my life. I cried for an epidural but after 6 failed attempts to put one in I decided I could go natural. At 2:35 I got the urge to push. The dr came in and I was very scared. At 2:42 am those beautiful words came out. She is perfect. Its a girl. As I gazed into those dark brown eyes and stroked her silky black hair I knew I was blessed I knew that I was going to be mom to something special.

Now 10 years down the road my tiny 7 lb 4 oz miracle is a beautiful big girl. She is going to assist teaching Spanish to primary grades, She is going to be in student council and she is on honor roll. If I had to make a list back then of the perfect child I could not have requested on more beautiful. Happy birthday my Roana Marie. You are perfect and mommy loves you. Remember if you can dream it daughter, you can achieve it. I am very proud of you!
December 29, 2000

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