Friday, March 21, 2008

Gone Fishing!!!!

I will be gone to California until Next Sunday! I am going to visit my family. Time to enjoy life with my family. I promise lots and lots of pictures when I get back. California Here I come!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Today was my Dream Birthday!

I woke up at 9 am and rolled over. The kids were still sleeping and my house was clean. My husband had left me a dozen flowers and a note that said thanks to your mom 28 years ago I was blessed with you. I ran the kids to school and roana was an angel. I watched tv and then we went out to a fancy dinner where both the kids behaved. We came home the kids went to sleep and then Ro and I had a nice and romantic evening. It was the perfect evening....yeah right.....This is what really happened on my birthday and for now on I will not let him forget it!

In the morning there was a school delay for 2 hours. Of course my wonderful daughter fought me about it and brought me to tears. I then took my dd to school at 930. I ran to Target to pick up some things I needed for the upcoming trip. My husband called me and told me he was coming home to spend the remaining day with me. For lunch we went to my favorite buffett but then my wonderful son cut my lunch short. I got to enjoy a whole half a meal. Yum.

We went to a video game store and I bought 2 games for $4. Well from there I went and got Roana. We were coming home and I was going to suggest pizza for dinner from my favorite joint. The unfathomable thing happened. The phone rang. It was my husbands best friend. The time was 315 the night was not even supposed to be half over. The guy need to go buy a car, and wanted my husband to translate. I never imagined Ro would agree. But to my shock and amazement he did. I was half way ok with it because i thought he would be home by 5. I imagined he would hurry because it was my day to relax you know. Hours passed and finally he called me at 915 and stated that he was coming home. We ran over to a fast food mexican store and had dinner. Yea this is the place we frequent weekly so nothing special at all. So my day was shot. I thank god for my ladies who kept me company last night when I cried and my heart broke. He said he will make it up to me but I am doubtful.....maybe that was my punishment for being to self absorbed and actually looking forward to something for a change.
Next year for sure no more birthday!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My God Time Flies

Today is my 28th birthday! I am almost to 30! I cannot believe it at all! I have 2 years to make up my mind if I want more children I refuse to give birth after 30 even a day after. We will see what happens in this year!

I am kinda down today. One having a birthday on Monday sucks royally. Everyone is cranky because they have to work! Second of all the excitement is over the weekend so your day is shot. Also saint patricks day is no fun because everyone wants to go out and drink green beer! I don't know maybe getting older without my mom is what is breaking my heart. As I lay here trying to sleep I prayed to God let me see her face one more time even in my dreams. Let me here her voice one more time even in my imagination. No matter how hard I try she is fading away to a memory. I miss her so much. I miss her advice. I miss her rants. I miss her all together. Why can God be so cruel and take away someone so young? Someone who beat cancer and a nasty marriage? What did she do that she had to become an angel so early? Growing up she called me every year at 104 am till the year she died. I was annoyed most years and as I got older I appreciated it. Now here I am 28 years later that newborn longs for her mama once again.

I feel like balling my eyes out but I know that will not help. So this year here I am. Snow is on the ground. i have to take Roana to school in the cold and dh has to work tomorrow. Why do I feel this is going to be a crappy day? I must think positive though as only negative brings negative.

Do me a favor everyone. Please please please. If your parents are still alive this year call them or go to them and embrace them. You never know if this is your last day together. May you all feel joy and happiness today on my day.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Some days I want to rename my Blog

Life with my 2 brats and an asshole! I swear when it rains it pours or should I say when it snows it dumps. So I have told many many people about my dang daughter and her eating problems. I am setting up a game on the tv to have a nice family evening and he tells roana she can finish her dinner. Next thing I know I hear what are you doing? Roana had grabbed all the cheese off his chips and ate it all. She ignored her food and of course who bears the brunt of it. You guessed! He is acting all huffy and is even taking it out on his son. Well hello instead of listening to music pay attention to the damn brat! I am so weary of this roller coaster. most of the days yes I love him but other days I loathe him. I know how to properly discipline. Why cant he take a lesson. Thanks for the vent. Rather get it down here then take it out on him!

Why does my heart stop every time?

So I was cruising here online and then I did not hear my son. I went into the front room expecting to see him sleeping on the couch. He was not there. I looked on my bed and not there either. I ran to Roana room and not there either. I searched the bathroom not there ran outside thank god not lying on the concrete. I come back in and pick up the phone ready to tell Big Ro this is a sick joke. I see a cover move and I pull it up. My baby is cuddling in his sisters bed instead of on top of it. I burst into tears and hugged him. Now when he is awake I refuse to be on here. My heart stopped and I cannot imagine life without him 1000 things run through your head.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How Come life crawls when you are waiting?

I swear last month flew by. Now that we are anxiously awaiting our trip it is crawling by. The days are lagging and the kids are impatient. The weather is beautiful but I long for CA. We got new bedspread for both rooms but even shopping is boring now. I know time will fly but I guess we will patiently wait.

I am so excited. Yesterday on myspace I was looking at my highschool friends. I came across a familiar face. Her name was bridget and it has been 10+ years since I saw her. She was my best friend and now I am back in contact with her. Just keep thinking positive. Thanks for looking.

Monday, March 10, 2008

This Feels Really Good

Today I actually spent less time online and more time with my apartment and kid. The house looks almost emmaculate and the baby had fun. I am proud of myself. My husband is sitting in the front room with a friend of his and the kids are playing quietly so mommy can just chill. I am blessed to have good friends on here thank goodness and I am also blessed to have a wonderful family. Life is good. Thanks for everything

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I am Officially a Bargain Hunter

So yesterday Big Ro had to go visit a friend at his job and I was not going to wait in the car. I am noones So He dropped me off at the Kmart across from it. When I walked in I saw a sign that screamed 40% off all clearance. Oh yes...I need to start getting things for the trip. I went over to the baby aisle and staring at me are sippy cups. My son loves to throw these things so I needed more. They were only 1.80 so I grabbed two and went to the clothes. I found the cutest outfit for him to wear in CA. Its overalls with Lighning McCloud on them and a matching polo for a whopping 4.80. I got Roana a tshirt for 1.00 and pair of cute white shoes for 2.80. I did so good. My only splurge buy was 2 hershey candy bars I ended up sharing. DH says I am good. Yea I know I am.

He is so happy at his job. Last night we signed up for insurance and I felt like a grown up. I am having realizations now that we are not just kids pretending to be. He is getting life insurance, health insurance, and dental for 99.48 every 2 weeks. That is not bad at all. So now there is baby talk again. We will see what happens with that. I need a physical and I need to see if I will develop high blood pressure again. Life is good all in all honestly. My kids are well. My husband is sweet and I just feel blessed.

Monday, March 3, 2008

So excited, I can barely contain it!

Ok hopefully none of my family read this! Ok I am NOT pregnant to everyone who thinks that way. The iud is making sure of that lol. My husband is officially a member at his job and he got promoted to another area in his job. He is so much happier there. That is only part of the news.

We are going on vacation! I am so excited. We leave in 18 days and we are taking a road trip to Fresno CA. Sorry bb maybe I can talk dh into a quick trip to San Fran but no promises. LoL. We are going to see my MIL and get a deserved break. It has been a year since I saw her last and that was in the hospital. This time I will get to see the kids play with her and my Lil Ro will be running. I cannot contain my excitement as we prepare. Good things from this point on. I promise I will post lots of pics and from this day forward I will try to be more active on this blog.