Monday, March 17, 2008

Today was my Dream Birthday!

I woke up at 9 am and rolled over. The kids were still sleeping and my house was clean. My husband had left me a dozen flowers and a note that said thanks to your mom 28 years ago I was blessed with you. I ran the kids to school and roana was an angel. I watched tv and then we went out to a fancy dinner where both the kids behaved. We came home the kids went to sleep and then Ro and I had a nice and romantic evening. It was the perfect evening....yeah right.....This is what really happened on my birthday and for now on I will not let him forget it!

In the morning there was a school delay for 2 hours. Of course my wonderful daughter fought me about it and brought me to tears. I then took my dd to school at 930. I ran to Target to pick up some things I needed for the upcoming trip. My husband called me and told me he was coming home to spend the remaining day with me. For lunch we went to my favorite buffett but then my wonderful son cut my lunch short. I got to enjoy a whole half a meal. Yum.

We went to a video game store and I bought 2 games for $4. Well from there I went and got Roana. We were coming home and I was going to suggest pizza for dinner from my favorite joint. The unfathomable thing happened. The phone rang. It was my husbands best friend. The time was 315 the night was not even supposed to be half over. The guy need to go buy a car, and wanted my husband to translate. I never imagined Ro would agree. But to my shock and amazement he did. I was half way ok with it because i thought he would be home by 5. I imagined he would hurry because it was my day to relax you know. Hours passed and finally he called me at 915 and stated that he was coming home. We ran over to a fast food mexican store and had dinner. Yea this is the place we frequent weekly so nothing special at all. So my day was shot. I thank god for my ladies who kept me company last night when I cried and my heart broke. He said he will make it up to me but I am doubtful.....maybe that was my punishment for being to self absorbed and actually looking forward to something for a change.
Next year for sure no more birthday!

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