Monday, March 3, 2008

So excited, I can barely contain it!

Ok hopefully none of my family read this! Ok I am NOT pregnant to everyone who thinks that way. The iud is making sure of that lol. My husband is officially a member at his job and he got promoted to another area in his job. He is so much happier there. That is only part of the news.

We are going on vacation! I am so excited. We leave in 18 days and we are taking a road trip to Fresno CA. Sorry bb maybe I can talk dh into a quick trip to San Fran but no promises. LoL. We are going to see my MIL and get a deserved break. It has been a year since I saw her last and that was in the hospital. This time I will get to see the kids play with her and my Lil Ro will be running. I cannot contain my excitement as we prepare. Good things from this point on. I promise I will post lots of pics and from this day forward I will try to be more active on this blog.

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BB Mama said...

lol...have fun! Fresno is a solid 3.5 hr drive from here, so you're going to have to do a LOT of sweet talking! have fun though!! don't speed..they got some racist cops there!

Heather said...

Yeah!!!! Congrats on both things! Have fun and im looking forward to the pixs,