Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Week 20 the big Week...Who the heck am I?

Today was our anatomy scan. Rogelio and I both felt bad that the kids had to be in school during our big moment. We decided a few months ago to do a cake reveal for the children so we could all find out together. Our appointment was at 8:30 am. We explained to the tech what we wanted. She happily cooperated. We saw your heart, your arms, your brain, your cute little belly. You are perfect in every way. We just won't know who you are until after dinner tonight. Here is your cute little profile. Mommy loves your tiny bump for a nose.

After the ultrasound we took our envelope over to our wonderful cake maker Sweet Sensations, Cake Creations.She hugged me and off we went with our day. Mommy was obsessed with finding out who you are. I was consumed. I could not concentrate. My best friend your Aunt in Love Jennifer came and took me to her house and we stayed occupied wondering who you are.

Finally at 4:00 the opportunity came. Mommy rang the cake maker's door once again and hello! There is my beautiful cake.

Daddy and Mommy decided since today was such a special day we would go to a very special place for dinner. We decided on Tucanos. We love it there. The food is so fresh but mommy must admit that dinner just was not that interesting. I just wanted to know Blueberry or Strawberry! I ate a couple of plates and then begged to open the cake. I took it out and the wait staff stood around. We cut it open and here is what happened!

Mommy was so surprised! It had blueberry! Blueberry! You are a bouncing baby boy! Welcome to our family Rodrigo Alberto! Mommy's sweet little Rigo! I love you so much already. You see though. Mommy was in disbelief. All the predictors and symptoms showed you are a girl not a boy. I ran to the car and I had to see the ultrasound for myself. Here is what smilled back at me.

You are all boy and proud of it. You did not hesitate to show us! So yes! Mommy is now going to have 3 special boys in my life. Each with a Ro in his name. Your sister and I are outnumbered and I cannot wait to see where life takes us all. Welcome Rodrigo Alberto! You are in for the ride of the life and I cannot wait until January when we finally get to hold you! Life is an adventure and while I am scared. We are going to get through this together. My perfect baby Boy. Mommy is overcome with joy!