Sunday, May 31, 2009

May Wrap Up (Pictures Added)

Sorry to be slacking around here lately but it has been quite hectic with Roana getting out of school and all her activities lately. She had field day and a trip to the butterfly pavillion in Denver. She had a blast and I worried the whole day but she is home.

We are seriously considering moving out of these apartments. Enough that we have put a deposit down on a new place. I cannot wait to move in July and be able to feel safe again.

We had many cookouts and just had a blast being a family. I am adjusting to two kids being home again but I swear I will not neglect this blog again....I know I say that everytime.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When will it ever get easier?

Somehow in this crazy mind of mine I thought once a child hit the golden age of three all of the sudden something in his tiny brain would click and he would become a perfect golden child. Oh was I wrong. I was completely wrong in all aspects. It seems like turning three so far has turned on a faucet of rebeling and the beautiful word No. I am seriously thinking about ripping what hair is left out. He is driving me bonkers. Yes I know boys will be boys but he is taking it to the extreme. Every night is a battle and I am practically in tears. I stick him in time out and he laughs at me. Yes he can be a sweet loving child but sometimes I swear I gave birth to lucifer himself.

Tonight was Roana's school concert. I was so excited to see my daughter perform for the last time as a second grader. You guessed it. Little Man decided to be proactive and dance and scream in the aisleways. It honestly took all my willpower not to smack his behind in front of the principal. Roana looked like a princess and sang with her whole heart however thanks to her brother I only got video and I cannot guarantee it is going to have the best quality. Oh well there is always next year. At least mama can hope right?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am a new woman

Today I did a huge change. One I thought I would not do again for awhile. No not No not a new baby. No...not a new home. I did it. I cut off 8 inches of hair. I love it. I went to a little place called International Beauty School. My hairstylist cut off a total of 8 inches and washed and styled for a whopping total of ten dollars. I am in love and the kids and Ro are going to get theirs done next week. Let me rephrase that. Roana and Ro are going to get their hair cute to. LoL

Enjoy the before and after pics.



Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us

I am so proud to post this. Today Ro and I hit a huge mark in our marriage. We have been married now for ten beautiful years. I will not lie. It has not been easy all the time. A good marriage is lots of hard work and sometimes even tear but Ro is my best friend and everything I could ask for in a husband.

Today Ro and I went out and had a little BBQ with the kids. We had hamburgers and hot dogs with some delicious bratwurst. The kids played baseball and climbed Rocks. My life is perfect at this moment and I would not change it for the world.

Ro honey you never read this blog. But today as I sit and think of you know you are everything I want and will ever need in a man. You make me happy in every sense of the word. You are my partner and I know together we can make it in this crazy life. I love you today always and forever plus one.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

It was a very mellow and calm mothers day here in Colorado. We were going to BBQ but unfortunately my weather did not cooperate. The kids and Ro decided to take mommy to the Chinese buffet. While I was there my kids got a pink carnation from the waitress and presented it to mommy. I got tears in my eyes as They told me they loved me. After a scrumptious dinner of steamed oysters, crab legs and sushi we came home and mommy crashed. We went grocery shopping and then came home with a cake. Like I said Simple but awesome. Anytime we get along it is beautiful.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Woo Hoo It is Friday!

I am so glad Friday is here. I can finally get some much needed time with my husband. I have realized in these past four (has it really been that long?) months that I am totally and utterly in love with this man. No real plans for the weekend but I will take pics and share it all as it goes. We will probably watch movies and play games but if it is nice we will go barbeque on Mother's Day.

My 10 year anniversary is coming up. Next friday. Amazing I hope everyone has a great weekend. I will be enjoying mine to the max for sure.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Enjoying my children

I am so blessed to have wonderful kids. They are smart and beautiful...most of all they are healthy. What is bringing on this post you may ask? Well for one is mothers day. I am reminded without them I would not be a mother at all. I love these beings with my whole soul. I cannot imagine life without them and honestly I would not want to experience life without them.

This brings me to the second part of my post. Ro came home and told me about a coworker of his. He is a very nice man to my understanding but my heart breaks for him. This man has a healthy son but back in January he gave birth to a perfect daughter. Only one thing. His perfect daughter was born with only half a heart. I have fallen in love with this little girl. I check her caring bridge daily and cry when she has down falls. I know God will provide and will not give her more then she can handle. I still feel sad however that such a beautiful and innocent life has to fight so hard just to live. It does not seem fair that God works this way sometimes. I am going to share her journey with you all in hopes it helps generate more prayers. Please keep her in her thoughts and prayers with me. Ro knows her daddy so she hits very close to home.

Remember we are very blessed to have children who are healthy. Do not let a day go by without appreciating the small things. Baby Zoe has taught me this and more so far in her short little life.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My 400 post

I can barely believe I have kept up this blog this long so far. I love having this thing here lately. It reminds me how much I have grown as a mother, wife and woman. I have had good times and bad times but most importantly I have learned from all my experiences. I am so glad I have met all of you in blogworld. It makes me feel good to know people out there really do care how I feel and who I really am.

So heres to a happy 400 post and at least 400 more.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It was a great Cinco De Mayo!

I always have bad holidays. I am so glad I can report this one was a thousand percent better. Yes Ro had work and school but it went well. Ro's work had a chile cookoff. I was very very nervous about entering as I have never made green chile. So I googled and googled and found a decent sounding recipe and pondered what else could I add. I got up and cooked the chile the day before. Ro took it into work and entered us into the green chile category. Noone knew it was his. Noone had any questions but from what Ro tells me they took second and thirds. I am proud to announce this family won the green chile contest. Now next year I have to defend my title.

Ro had a funniest sombrero contest at school for 10 credit to the snack bar. We pondered and I bought a sombrero the other day at the dollar tree. In light of swine flu being recently in the News and its supposed origin from Mexico we decided to poke a little fun at it. I found my daughters fur real pig and tied him on. He squels so this made it even more hillarious. The hat appeared a little bare so I looked in the cabinets. I found some hand sanitizer and tylenol and attached that to the opposite side. Ro brought home a facemask and disposible gloves. We attached them and prayed for the best. Our Swine Flu Survivors hat won from the whole school. I am very proud of both of us.

At Roana's school there was a Cinco de Mayo festival. There were pinatas, face painting, crafts and free food. We went and watched the Mexican Dancers and ate chipotle. I had a blast.

I wish every day could be Cinco de Mayo. It was awesome this year.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Weekend

I know I say this all the time after taking a break from blogging. I will not slack again. At least until Next time. It is official Roana only has 28 days left until she is a 3rd grader. I cried at her last conference because my baby is growing up way too fast.

Poor Ro had to work Saturday as they have a lot of catch up to do. I was really bummed at first but I know the kids and I are fine with him there and it decided to finally have some April Showers. We went for chinese food and I am very surprised that my stomach cannot handle as much food anymore. I had my sushi, some korean chicken and some wontons. I am proud of myself. I still give in to my favorite foods but I am managing them more.

Sunday was awesome. My nuggets won the game and I am very happy about that. We also had subway for lunch and went over to a basketball court and played as a family. I make the goals and even my Ro looked pretty impressed. Hearing my son say basketball basketball over and over was very nice and just being a family playing was wonderful. I really hope we can continue nice weekends like this for awhile.

I am entering the "May Fifth" Chile Contest at Ro's work tomorrow. I have been cooking my chile all day long and it smells pretty good If I may say so myself. I am nervous. I am not very confident of my cooking at all. Everyone can tell me otherwise but I still feel very nervous.

Our weekend was pretty good. I just hate mondays but who really does like them anyway?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Woo Hoo It is Friday

We are still feeling kind of sick but I think we are going to try to do something good this weekend. Tonight we had our favorites for dinner and I am psyched. An awesome day to be had from all.