Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Weekend

I know I say this all the time after taking a break from blogging. I will not slack again. At least until Next time. It is official Roana only has 28 days left until she is a 3rd grader. I cried at her last conference because my baby is growing up way too fast.

Poor Ro had to work Saturday as they have a lot of catch up to do. I was really bummed at first but I know the kids and I are fine with him there and it decided to finally have some April Showers. We went for chinese food and I am very surprised that my stomach cannot handle as much food anymore. I had my sushi, some korean chicken and some wontons. I am proud of myself. I still give in to my favorite foods but I am managing them more.

Sunday was awesome. My nuggets won the game and I am very happy about that. We also had subway for lunch and went over to a basketball court and played as a family. I make the goals and even my Ro looked pretty impressed. Hearing my son say basketball basketball over and over was very nice and just being a family playing was wonderful. I really hope we can continue nice weekends like this for awhile.

I am entering the "May Fifth" Chile Contest at Ro's work tomorrow. I have been cooking my chile all day long and it smells pretty good If I may say so myself. I am nervous. I am not very confident of my cooking at all. Everyone can tell me otherwise but I still feel very nervous.

Our weekend was pretty good. I just hate mondays but who really does like them anyway?

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