Monday, August 24, 2009

My Grandparents Visit

Finally the day has come. Over 2 years ago I have seen my family. Finally I get to hold them and cherish them. Not many people have the ability to revert me back to my childhood days but my grandparents folks are the ones who can do it! This trip was way too short but sweet.

My grandparents came here on Friday and I was so excited to finally see them one more time. I cleaned the house like a maniac and waited very impatiently watching every flight in the sky. I finally saw the flight status change and my grandparents have arrived in COS!

We spent the first day at the hotel to let them rest. We brought them a very healthy dinner of Burritos. We sat around while Grandpa played with the kids and I felt a bit of sadness remembering that this was only short lived.

The following day we went to IHOP for dinner. I had a bacon & egg cheese omelette and I was in heaven. My grandparents spoil me rotten. Afterwards we decided to show my grandparents the beauty of Colorado. Up the mountains we went. Through hollowed out Mountains and past 7 falls. Down the mountains to Helen Hunt Falls. We stopped for pictures of course. Then out to 11 mile resevoir. More pictures. By now my grandpa is exhausted. And quite frankly so were we.

The next day my grandparents wanted to treat us to Red Lobster. It has been over 8 years since we even attempted to eat here. We were pleasantly surprised by the food and how well behaved my little man did. I am so blessed for great family and food. What made me laugh most is Lil Ro kept calling the Live Lobsters Mr. Krabs.

Following morning it is time for them to go back already. My heart is breaking and I am holding back tears. Inside the airport we go to say our goodbyes. We sit by a fireplace and have some smoothies. Finally we have to let them go. As I watch them get to security checkpoint my heart is breaking and I am holding back tears. I fear this could be the last time I see grandpa. I holler at him See you in May! He nods his head and goes into terminal.

This was a wonderful visit and I pray we do get to see him then. i pray he can watch his best grandson-in-law graduate next year. I love them more each day and I am so glad we had that time together. Even now looking back it still seems like a dream.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just another day in our Happy Home

We are potty training. I did not pick right now to did it but he is ready. I did not want to push him and I am seeing awesome results because I was patient. I did the same thing with lil Ro as I did Roana. I was waiting for him to tell me he is ready and sure enough he is letting me know it is time. He refuses to wear a diaper except at night and he screams pee pee and poo poo at crazy times but I am proud and I know this will be painless.

Roana is going to be a third grader this year. Where in the world does time fly? She is even starting to develop into a lovely young woman. This scares me too as well her mouth is also growing up in ways I prefer not happen.

Ro is busting his butt at work and I am very proud of him. He does his best at work and school and I could not be any prouder then if he was my own child. He continues to provide for my family and I fall deeper and deeper in love each day.

I have started EA Active. When I first started my weight loss journey last November. I started at my heaviest weight every. I started my weight at 252. As of yesterday I weighed in at a whopping 221. Yes I am still heavy but I am losing weight. I am very proud of me for getting this far and feeling very good.

So it is nice around here. I cannot complain too much. I still love my life and am happy to be a strong beautiful woman.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A lazy weekend and I would not have it any other way

Saturday was a bust because we had to grocery shop and Ro had to work some overtime but we made it up on Sunday. We are trying to spend less money around this place so instead of splurging and going to Chucke or even just driving around we stayed home. We started our day out at the pool. Then about 2 hours into it we decided we were hungry. Using some leftover charcoal and some thawed chicken and hamburger we cooked out all day long. We sat under a little tree and snacked on our burgers then grilled the chicken to be consumed later in the evening.

After cleaning our little pit and coming home we put on a movie for the kids and went to our room to watch one too. We all fell asleep and then decided to go to the pool again before nighttime.

At night I finally pulled out ea Active and busted my butt. It was fun and I am glad I tried it. It was a cheap weekend but we had a blast. I am blessed to have a home and great family. Life is good and I would not change it for anything right now.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Feels Like Home to Me

So this home. I am still in love with it and I have been here a week today. I hope you all enjoy the mini tour of my place and please remember we are not done decorating it yet. Just wanted you all to get a feel of home to me now.

Tree in Front of Front Room Window

Living Room

Dining Room


Gas Stove and Fridge

Hallway to Bedrooms


Kids Room

Parents Room

View From Kids Room

View From Parents Room

Friday, August 7, 2009

I love the pool

Here I am with the kids. We have been spending a lot of time at the pool and honestly I am loving it. I feel more alert and also a more calm lifestyle. I love the fact that I can actually tire my children out. The first day little Ro was a little hesitant but now he jumps in with no fear. I love my children and I love my life. It is all good and I am happy again. Here is a quick video I captured at the pool. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

What we have been up to

Since I have moved I feel safer taking our kids out to play. I have discovered Roana can swim with no arm floats and Lil Ro can swim with arm floats quite well. They both love the water and beg to go daily. It is hillarious because I am burnt from the sun but for my children's happiness I am willing to go through it.

Also we have a cute little park a block from us. It is a nice park with a duck pond. I took some stale hotdog buns and we walked over. It was amazing to me that the ducks would come inches from the kids and I. However since little Ro has no fear of the water. I have not taken pictures of them feeding.

Finally I am proud of where I live and I am counting down the days until my grandparents can come see my new home. It has been a rough past four years but it was worth it to finally find a place my family can truly call home.