Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Welcome to the world Cannon Jace!

Let me start by telling you about this wonderful family. This technically is my cousin but I love her more like a sister. Since my mother passed in 2004 my Aunt Sue has taken me as her own daughter. She has listened to me laugh and cry and she has shown me a lot of love. We were very shocked to find out my sister Amanda was expecting her first child but I know it was a blessing to us and has came with a beautiful child.

On July 22nd my sister Amanda gave birth to a handsome little boy who was supposed to be named Aiden. But due to naming issues and popularity they renamed him Cannon Jace. I love it. He is a good boy and I am so proud of Mandy. She is turning out to be a wonderful mother. I wish I could see them and god willing I will soon. So congrats to our family for a beautiful blessing.

Cannon sweetheart you are a blessing. You are beacon of light and hope in this world. You can become anything you want to be and I want you to know you have a wonderful mom who adores you and will give you all she can. You also have a wonderful grandma, grandpa and Aunt who love you alot. You even have me sweet Cannon. I may not be there physically with you but know I think of you daily. You are a blessing and I think of you as my own nephew. I love you darling and I cannot wait to watch you grow into a handsome, intelligent young man.We will make mistakes and so will you but know this....we will always love you.

Mandy you are awesome. Keep up the great work. I am very proud of you and I know you are going to be an awesome mama. You already proved a lot of people wrong. You are a woman now and a Mom. You are beginning a wonderful journey and I am proud to call you sister.

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