Saturday, January 29, 2011

What a beautiful Warm Saturday

Today was a very rare day here in Colorado. Normally we are somewhere in the single digits or even the negatives. However today we actually got into the high 60's. I decided since Ro had to work and take a nap to take the kids to the local park and duck pond that is about 1 mile from here. We went walking over and my kids were so excited.

When we got over there I prayed that there were ducks. Imagine my surprise when I get there and I see over a hundred. Oh man. My bread would not feed that many. Did I mention I am scared of flying birds. On the ground they are fine but when they get in the air forget about it. I turn into a wimp. I cry and cover my head. I start tossing the stale wheat bread. I am sure you can see where that is going. All the ducks start flying towards me and chasing me. Imagine big ole 200 lb me running from tiny ducks and geese.

As the ducks landed I threw the bread closer and surprisingly a goose came up and stood next to me. This little guy stole my heart. He even took the bread directly from my hand. I was so happy and sad to see the trust of these animals. When I ran out of bread he followed me a few feet then flew back in to the pond. I will have to go back and visit him soon. He was really a good goose.

We go over to the playground and there were a bunch of children there. I could not take pictures over there as I was afraid of getting photos of kids who did not need it. Ro eventually met us over there. he missed us. Is that not the sweetest. It has been a great weekend so far so I cannot wait to see what happens tomorrow.

Friday, January 28, 2011

My Incredible Daughter

I do not like dedicating posts to solely one child but sometimes they do something exceptional that deserves their own blog. My daughter is such a joy to raise. Yes sometimes she is a typical hormonal preteen, but for the most part she is an incredible child who loves with her whole heart and strives to please. At the end of semester she was nominated for Student Council as a student who demonstrates leadership, good ideas and good moral values. I accepted on her behalf because I know she could learn to become more assertive.

One of the responsibilites is to say the pledge of Allegiance in front of the whole school on the intercom. I begged to stay and record her and I made it happen. My sweet princess you are growing so fast. Mommy sometimes argues with you and loses her patience however you are my wonderful daughter. Keep walking the path you are on and you will go far in life. All your dreams will come true and then I will be truly happy.

Now I present my daughter Roana saying the Pledge.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Thank You Dr. King

I am very blessed in the fact that I was born after this great leader sacrificed his life so all people could be equal. Thanks to Dr. King my children are here. I do not tell this story often but my mother when she was 18 years old fell in love with an African American man. However it was still very much frowned upon in our society. She fell in love and became pregnant in secret and then after much distress decided to abort that child. My mom told me this when I was in the 9th grade. I asked her why and she told me at the time in 1974 she did not want a biracial child to be born because of our judgmental society. I was very sad and I told her my dream was that one day there would be no world of color that we all would be one color and everyone would be equal. I was a very insightful child. I talked about my dead sister for years and even wrote a paper about her in the 12th grade. It was about the one person in the world I would love to have known.

Now here in 2010 I am proud to say I am in a bi-cultural, interracial marriage and proud of it. I have 2 gorgeous children who can do anything they want. Ro and I can be in public and be affectionate. I am proud I live in a world where I can be strong and be accepted. So Dr. King today I say thank you because of you my world is just a little more perfect.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just another perfect ordinary Day

Just another ordinary day here in our family. It is around 50 outside so the kids can go out and play happily. That is not a normal temp here in Colorado Springs. Normally in Jan we are huddled around the tv in our blankets but for now we will take it.

Roana and Lil Ro decided to go outside and play at the park by our apartment and I went out to go take some pictures. I adore my children and have all these pictures. Some day I pray I can hand them all of them and tell them see how much I really did adore and love you.

Life is going good. I am very blessed right now. We have 2 healthy kids, a warm home, Ro is doing well at his job and we are just being us. I am feeling more confident since starting my new life change and I am enjoying being around my husband. No day is perfect but I will enjoy each one as it could be my last.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just my Boy and I

It's Colorado Springs. There is snow. I have a bored little boy and I am sick of the wii. What do I do? I decide it is now day two of sledding fun. We bundle up around 1:30 and walk over to the Large hill over by Roana's school. We grab the sleds and off we are. I sit the boy down and give him some rules. You listen and do not let anyone else get on with you. So for 2.5 hours my boy and I just played with the sleds.

I even went down for the first time in my life. I have never in my 30 years of life done it. What a rush. It was a blast. Roana's sled broke and will have to be replaced and I told my hubby I want one too. Why should the kids get to have all the fun? I did not snap any pictures of Roana because by the time she got out at 330 I was frozen stiff. I let her play for 20 minutes and we came home. It was a blessed time and I am so glad my son and I got to have a mommy's day out.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Not a Snow day but took advantage of the Snow anyway

Today we awoke with a two hour delay for school and I was pretty disappointed but we would take it. Roana had 4 hours of school and then for 1 hour after helped some primary students learn Spanish. It was great. When she came out of class we had the sleds ready and walked to the back of the school where a big hill awaited us.

My children impressed me with how the rode the sleds. They are naturals. The found mounds of snow and jumped them as if they were just tiny little hills. The swerved around other sledders and sled farther and then came tracking up for more. It was freezing outside but watching the joy in their pink little cheeks more then made up for it. I hope we continue to get good snow so we can do this more often. These are the moments that I relish and vow to keep in my head forever.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Today was not my best day

I went to the dr today and got a few diagnoses. They can be fixed with meds but I am still pretty miserable. I am only 30 years old. I should not have to deal with cholesterol pills, daily asprin regimens, high blood pressure meds 2 different ones plus 50,000 mgs of vitamin d. I am not normal and I hate that. I am only 30. I should have to be worrying about what grades my kids are making. What to make for dinner and such. Ro does not really understand. He says you are not the only person in this world to take that many medications. I understand that but at 30 he only had his diabetes. At least I do have that going for me. My blood sugars are very well. I will do my daily pill regimen and live for my family even if right now I am mourning my lifestyle.

While I was at the Dr. Ro took the kids sledding. They had a blast and I plan on taking them again tomorrow. I am very blessed with a great husband. He provides for the kids and me and loves me unconditionally. I really hope these vitamin d lifts my moods so I can be the woman I used to be. I want to be strong and happy and loving instead of this beast. I guess we will see when I take them if it helps. Wish me lots of luck and send prayers this works. I am still going to lose weight too. I can beat this demon. I have overcame way worse things in my life and I will continue to battle. I have never gone down without a fight.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Learning to say No

As of Jan 2nd I have been doing a lifestyle change. Every day I follow a low fat, low carb, high protein and fruits and veggies diet. I am trying to set the example for my kids on how to eat healthy. It is very hard when the past 10 years has been spent just kind of throwing food at them and saying here try this and try that. I myself have given up 100 percent soda and I am trying to give up artificial sugars. I have noticed if I drink that instead of water I retain a lot of water. Now I am trying to teach my kids no. Mommy can I have cheese. No son not right now. Mommy can I have fried chicken. No baby we just ate. Mommy...if you do not need it right now or if it is not a fruit or

I am also teaching myself to say no. Tonight has been a trying evening as we have been home all day due to weather. The kids have been fighting and broke one of my PS3 remotes. I went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. I do it out of comfort. I picked up the box of leftover fried chicken and opened it. I closed my eyes and smelled it. I looked up and told myself. No...there is fruits and vegtables. No reason for that. I instead pulled out a bowl and grabbed half an apple, tomatoes and some mushrooms. I am proud of that moment. Another one was we went to Walmart. When I was there we got the kids some chocolate donuts. Ro offered them to me 3 times. I told him baby I would love one but offer me one next Sunday. That will be my next free day. This is a new way of life and I am loving it.

Today was just an easy day at home. We are home because of an incoming winter storm. I kinda half hope school is cancelled tomorrow. I want to go sledding tomorrow. ;-) We will see our school district hardly ever cancels and that sucks. We played video games and watched movies. I played on facebook and of course exercised. It was a nice easy day. We need to do it more often.

Learning new things is part of being a parent. I am praying my daughter sees my struggle with weight and decides now she wants to be healthier. She told me today Mommy I am sorry you have to work so hard. The dr should just do something for you. I turned to her and said "Baby I would love that too. But if I do not do it myself then I will just get this way again." I think she understood. I love my children and I want them to be better.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Just another Manic Monday

This Monday was a great monday because Ro had today off with the kids and I. We went to the park and hung out and did a 3 mile walk together. It was pretty great. The kids played in the playground. I made baby feet in the snow and we saw a flock of geese. Days like this are the best ones ever.

A new blog for the new me

I am still keeping this blog to document the kids and such however I want to start a blog dedicated to my healthy someday living. I am going to daily update. Please feel free to follow it.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Birthday My Lovely Baby Girl

10 years ago I was home from the hospital and was taking care of a less then week old baby. Now here I am 10 years later looking at a gorgeous little girl. She is blossoming every year into a more wonderful young lady. This year she is going to be on Student Council, Mentor the kindergartners, and continue to be on honor roll. She wanted an ice cream cake, pasta salad and steak. My baby knows what she wants. What she wants she gets. It was a wonderful birthday and I am so proud of my baby girl. I realized only 8 more years now until she is an adult. My baby is not an baby anymore...but I love every minute I get with her. And I pray someday she feels the same with a daughter of her own.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

We were going to celebrate Roana's birthday today, however thanks to our lovely snow storm we really did not go out due to dangerous conditions. Ok I lie, I lie seriously I lie. We did venture out to Safeway and bought the stuff to make Chili Cheese dogs, french fries and some alcohol. New years eve is a favorite holiday of mine. It is reflecting on the year and realizing what changes we have to do. Then you do them. You set goals for yourself and hopefully achieve them.

Tonight was an easy night. I drank a four pack of Jamaican Me Happy wine coolers and watched Big Ro drink his Bud Light Golden Wheat. We are not big drinkers so come 10 pm I was posting like a crazy girl on facebook the most random status'.

So the kids fell asleep around 10 like always and Ro and I curled into the couch and watched the new year ring in. It was simple but nice. I am so blessed to see another year come and go.

My new year resolutions are a few.

1. Lose weight and become a healthier me by obtaining a new healthier lifestyle. This entitles eating healthy and having one comfort food day a week. I have to lose weight due to my high blood pressure and such.

2. Blog more....obviously I am trying

3. Become a gentler me. I can be mean to my husband at times. I know hard to believe but I am doing the love dare to make sure I can feel love all over again.

2010 was a great year and I know 2011 is going to be only better. I love my life and it is going good. Hopefully 2011 will be another year I can look back at and smile too.