Monday, January 10, 2011

Today was not my best day

I went to the dr today and got a few diagnoses. They can be fixed with meds but I am still pretty miserable. I am only 30 years old. I should not have to deal with cholesterol pills, daily asprin regimens, high blood pressure meds 2 different ones plus 50,000 mgs of vitamin d. I am not normal and I hate that. I am only 30. I should have to be worrying about what grades my kids are making. What to make for dinner and such. Ro does not really understand. He says you are not the only person in this world to take that many medications. I understand that but at 30 he only had his diabetes. At least I do have that going for me. My blood sugars are very well. I will do my daily pill regimen and live for my family even if right now I am mourning my lifestyle.

While I was at the Dr. Ro took the kids sledding. They had a blast and I plan on taking them again tomorrow. I am very blessed with a great husband. He provides for the kids and me and loves me unconditionally. I really hope these vitamin d lifts my moods so I can be the woman I used to be. I want to be strong and happy and loving instead of this beast. I guess we will see when I take them if it helps. Wish me lots of luck and send prayers this works. I am still going to lose weight too. I can beat this demon. I have overcame way worse things in my life and I will continue to battle. I have never gone down without a fight.

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