Friday, January 28, 2011

My Incredible Daughter

I do not like dedicating posts to solely one child but sometimes they do something exceptional that deserves their own blog. My daughter is such a joy to raise. Yes sometimes she is a typical hormonal preteen, but for the most part she is an incredible child who loves with her whole heart and strives to please. At the end of semester she was nominated for Student Council as a student who demonstrates leadership, good ideas and good moral values. I accepted on her behalf because I know she could learn to become more assertive.

One of the responsibilites is to say the pledge of Allegiance in front of the whole school on the intercom. I begged to stay and record her and I made it happen. My sweet princess you are growing so fast. Mommy sometimes argues with you and loses her patience however you are my wonderful daughter. Keep walking the path you are on and you will go far in life. All your dreams will come true and then I will be truly happy.

Now I present my daughter Roana saying the Pledge.

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