Sunday, January 9, 2011

Learning to say No

As of Jan 2nd I have been doing a lifestyle change. Every day I follow a low fat, low carb, high protein and fruits and veggies diet. I am trying to set the example for my kids on how to eat healthy. It is very hard when the past 10 years has been spent just kind of throwing food at them and saying here try this and try that. I myself have given up 100 percent soda and I am trying to give up artificial sugars. I have noticed if I drink that instead of water I retain a lot of water. Now I am trying to teach my kids no. Mommy can I have cheese. No son not right now. Mommy can I have fried chicken. No baby we just ate. Mommy...if you do not need it right now or if it is not a fruit or

I am also teaching myself to say no. Tonight has been a trying evening as we have been home all day due to weather. The kids have been fighting and broke one of my PS3 remotes. I went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. I do it out of comfort. I picked up the box of leftover fried chicken and opened it. I closed my eyes and smelled it. I looked up and told myself. No...there is fruits and vegtables. No reason for that. I instead pulled out a bowl and grabbed half an apple, tomatoes and some mushrooms. I am proud of that moment. Another one was we went to Walmart. When I was there we got the kids some chocolate donuts. Ro offered them to me 3 times. I told him baby I would love one but offer me one next Sunday. That will be my next free day. This is a new way of life and I am loving it.

Today was just an easy day at home. We are home because of an incoming winter storm. I kinda half hope school is cancelled tomorrow. I want to go sledding tomorrow. ;-) We will see our school district hardly ever cancels and that sucks. We played video games and watched movies. I played on facebook and of course exercised. It was a nice easy day. We need to do it more often.

Learning new things is part of being a parent. I am praying my daughter sees my struggle with weight and decides now she wants to be healthier. She told me today Mommy I am sorry you have to work so hard. The dr should just do something for you. I turned to her and said "Baby I would love that too. But if I do not do it myself then I will just get this way again." I think she understood. I love my children and I want them to be better.

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The syders said...

I'm so Proud of how well you are doing and thrilled to be on this journey with you xxx

Heather said...

Good stuff. Try gum and flavored water, that helped me because I have an oral fixation and must be moving my mouth. I used to smoke but now its water. I drink close to 100 ounces a day with out even trying. I love it!
Its great to teach the kids early that exercise and good food choices are important.