Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

We were going to celebrate Roana's birthday today, however thanks to our lovely snow storm we really did not go out due to dangerous conditions. Ok I lie, I lie seriously I lie. We did venture out to Safeway and bought the stuff to make Chili Cheese dogs, french fries and some alcohol. New years eve is a favorite holiday of mine. It is reflecting on the year and realizing what changes we have to do. Then you do them. You set goals for yourself and hopefully achieve them.

Tonight was an easy night. I drank a four pack of Jamaican Me Happy wine coolers and watched Big Ro drink his Bud Light Golden Wheat. We are not big drinkers so come 10 pm I was posting like a crazy girl on facebook the most random status'.

So the kids fell asleep around 10 like always and Ro and I curled into the couch and watched the new year ring in. It was simple but nice. I am so blessed to see another year come and go.

My new year resolutions are a few.

1. Lose weight and become a healthier me by obtaining a new healthier lifestyle. This entitles eating healthy and having one comfort food day a week. I have to lose weight due to my high blood pressure and such.

2. Blog more....obviously I am trying

3. Become a gentler me. I can be mean to my husband at times. I know hard to believe but I am doing the love dare to make sure I can feel love all over again.

2010 was a great year and I know 2011 is going to be only better. I love my life and it is going good. Hopefully 2011 will be another year I can look back at and smile too.

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