Saturday, January 29, 2011

What a beautiful Warm Saturday

Today was a very rare day here in Colorado. Normally we are somewhere in the single digits or even the negatives. However today we actually got into the high 60's. I decided since Ro had to work and take a nap to take the kids to the local park and duck pond that is about 1 mile from here. We went walking over and my kids were so excited.

When we got over there I prayed that there were ducks. Imagine my surprise when I get there and I see over a hundred. Oh man. My bread would not feed that many. Did I mention I am scared of flying birds. On the ground they are fine but when they get in the air forget about it. I turn into a wimp. I cry and cover my head. I start tossing the stale wheat bread. I am sure you can see where that is going. All the ducks start flying towards me and chasing me. Imagine big ole 200 lb me running from tiny ducks and geese.

As the ducks landed I threw the bread closer and surprisingly a goose came up and stood next to me. This little guy stole my heart. He even took the bread directly from my hand. I was so happy and sad to see the trust of these animals. When I ran out of bread he followed me a few feet then flew back in to the pond. I will have to go back and visit him soon. He was really a good goose.

We go over to the playground and there were a bunch of children there. I could not take pictures over there as I was afraid of getting photos of kids who did not need it. Ro eventually met us over there. he missed us. Is that not the sweetest. It has been a great weekend so far so I cannot wait to see what happens tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!!! :) Sounds like such a great Saturday.