Friday, April 20, 2012

It's been a while since I have been on

So where do I begin? I guess I updated shortly after my grandpa passed away. That was one of the hardest moments in my life. I knew he would want me to rejoice his life and not mourn his death. He was a very strong man I miss him tons but I know deep down he is better off.

Now on to the kids. Roana had her first concert in December. Both Choir and Orchestra. Guess you could say she is following her mommies interests. Kinda strange how I never told her about choir or orchestra. Makes you wonder about her genes. She is doing very strong in school and even went and shadowed at the local middle school. My baby is growing up. She also completed her First Science Project. She did not place but she did it on her own. She is growing into such a strong little woman.

Rowen, my little fighter. Well we also had his first performance for Christmas. It was adorable. He is doing better in school. Learning to read and such but he is still disruptive in class. For this reason the school wants to retain him in kinder. I am fighting tooth and nail for this not to happen but what happens happens. On Sunday he will be 6 and we are actually going to be throwing a birthday party! Imagine Me antisocial Susan throwing a party. We rented a bouncy house and got some table and chairs. It will be interesting is an understatement indeed. No matter what happens I am proud of how far he has come.

We have joined the Y. It is very good for us as a family. It makes us more active and also encourages teamwork. We also have taken up hiking with our friends.

So we also have big news. No no no....not a baby. My heart could not handle another failing child. You all remember those days where I felt like a single parent while my husband worked and went to school. Well in March he had an interview for a position in design. That is exactly what he went to school for. We waited for three weeks biting our nails. I was terrified of him not getting this position as he was very fed up not doing anything with his degree. On Tuesday we got the news. He got a position doing the very thing he dreamed of. I am so proud of him. He inspires me to keep going.

How am I doing you may ask? Well I am here. I am trying to lose more weight. I am kinda stuck at 175ish right now. Right now I am all focused on the kids, the husband, the hamster and dog. I am thinking of starting a career journey and learning how to drive. I am just going one day at a time until our journey keeps moving on. I know life is crazy sometimes. But I really am going to start to blog more. I feel so relieved when I do. So for now, thanks for reading and hope everyone has a wonderful day.