Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all my blogger friends! I love this time of year. The air is crisp. The days are short and heck I get to go door to door begging for candy and I do not have to worry about getting shot in the process.

Ever since Lil Ro was born Ro and i have not really cared for store bought costumes. Last years Joker was incredible and I really did not think we could top it. Ro and I came very close to doing it again just because our son pulls it off very well.

Finally one evening we were watching the news they showed what they predicted would be the hot costume this year. Balloon boy. Ro and i turned to each other and said lets do it. In spirit of things we also decided to dress Roana as the news reporter.

Lil Ros costume took a total of three days to make. I had a blast. I think for now on we will try to stick with homemade costumes.

We went trick or treating in the mall and seven people stopped me to ask if they could take our picture. I gladly stepped aside and let my son take all the glory with his sister. I am proud of them. They wore it well and made people smile. So now I proudly present NewsGirl & Balloon Boy! I hope you had a great halloween!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Well there is that of course

This weekend was a very simple weekend. As many families are doing right now we are forced to cut back and reduce our monthly spending. Do not worry though we are still attempting our weekly outings to do something anything for these kiddos.

Saturday we went Grocery shopping. I actually got all my food for the week for fifty dollars. I know the kids are going to eat good and be happy. While Roana and I grocery shopped, the hubby and Lil Ro went to a park and played. It was so nice to shop in semi peace and concentrate on the food I knew we needed.

Sunday we decided since God blessed us with a gorgeous day to barbeque some carne asada. While Ro fired up the charcoal, I came inside and made rice, refried beans and guacamole. We ate like kings for the day and I know my kids tummy's were full.

Lil Ro also got to play some baseball with daddy and ride his bike. The kids ran outside and yes our rent is a little higher then before but seeing my children play outside is pure bliss.

Autumn is slowly creeping by. I can feel the cold moving in. It is seeping into my bones. I cannot wait to sit on the couch and eat our soups. I think this year I will make Ro some american chili. I crave it this time of year. If he does not like it then I will make him some eggs or something and I will eat the chili happily for the next week.

Of course there is news on my sister. I am so very proud of her right now in this time of my life. She has decided to move on from her abusive husband. She moved out on Sunday into a home with her friend in Tacoma. I know some days are going to be hard but she will find Mr. Right someday. Heck she is barely 27 years old. She still has plenty of time to find her happy ever after. Plus with my support and love I know she will know true happiness. I know she is going to go far and he will pay for the pain he has caused her. He will be the one with all the regrets. I am proud of her and I know in time I will only become closer to her.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just a warm fall day in Colorado

This year is cracking me up. So far we have had warm summer days and already our first snow! It is driving me nuts but one of the sacrifices I am willing to make to live in beautiful Colorado! Today was a high of 65 and I actually took the kids out to play. Lil Ro rode his trike and Roana pushed her dolls in strollers. I cannot believe how quickly the grow.

The kids at Roana's school love her. Surprisingly they also adore lil Ro. The teachers call him Mr. Popular and smile when they see him. Roana is doing excellent so far. Her teacher conference is in 10 days and I am very excited to see where she is at.

Ro is still excelling at school. I am asking myself on a daily basis what I did to be so lucky? How did I find a handsome and intelligent and sweet man to call my own? I know for sure that God had his hand in finding this angel. I could no imagine being without him ever again.

The leaves are changing to their beautiful golden colors and the air is getting crisp. Winter is right around the corner. I cannot believe I have watched another year go By. I am so blessed in my life right now. Yes. Things could always be better but I just have to remember to look at the small things in life and apperciate it all. We only get to live once and I am loving living right now.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A visit that was long overdue

h my again I apologize. My life is kind of hectic right now with two kids who do not want to stop but I am trying to blog more. Really I am. LOL

I have not seen my sister in over three years. We had a huge rift in our relationship thanks to her hopefully soon to be ex husband. On Thursday my grandparents called me and told me to call my sister. I had asked them what was wrong but they told me I needed to talk to her. After a prayer and many thoughts I decided to pick up the phone. Surprisingly her and I picked up like it was yesterday. Her husband and her had gotten into a knock down fight and she needed to get away. I was happy to hear she wanted to go home to Columbus for a couple of days and encouraged her as getting away from the struggle was a good thing for them both.

On Friday I called her again in the morning. Unfortunately all the planes to Columbus were full and she needed to go away. Ro had told me the previous night if she wanted to she could come here. I offered our apartment and she consulted her soon to be ex and he found her a ticket to Colorado Springs. I was ecstatic. I have not seen my sister since Lil Ro was born.

On Saturday of course the weather decided to take a turn for the worse. I was terrified because the roads were ice packed and it showed no signs of clearing up. We even had a 60 car pileup on the road. Happily her plane arrived safely and she got her rental car. She made it here on record time and I actually felt tears in my eyes as I said Hello.

The kids were ecstatic. Aunt Beckie had came bearing gifts. After a quick tour of the apartment we ran to the dollar tree for some toiletries. She spoiled the kids of course by buying hats, gloves and toys but I did not mind as she hardly sees them anymore.

We came home and ate tamales. She had never had a tamale before and she loved it. The tamales were perfect. The trip was not all good however. I regret to say I found some painful marks on her. I did try to convince her to file a police report but she still loves the man. There is nothing I can do to convince her otherwise. The kids loved her visit. Even the frigid visit to Garden of the Gods.

I am so grateful for our little time together and I pray when she decides to leave him she decides to make Colorado Springs her home. Beckie I love you and I am sorry for all the time I left you with him alone. Remember always the kids love you and would miss Aunt Beckie if something happened. Hope we get to see you soon!