Sunday, October 18, 2009

Well there is that of course

This weekend was a very simple weekend. As many families are doing right now we are forced to cut back and reduce our monthly spending. Do not worry though we are still attempting our weekly outings to do something anything for these kiddos.

Saturday we went Grocery shopping. I actually got all my food for the week for fifty dollars. I know the kids are going to eat good and be happy. While Roana and I grocery shopped, the hubby and Lil Ro went to a park and played. It was so nice to shop in semi peace and concentrate on the food I knew we needed.

Sunday we decided since God blessed us with a gorgeous day to barbeque some carne asada. While Ro fired up the charcoal, I came inside and made rice, refried beans and guacamole. We ate like kings for the day and I know my kids tummy's were full.

Lil Ro also got to play some baseball with daddy and ride his bike. The kids ran outside and yes our rent is a little higher then before but seeing my children play outside is pure bliss.

Autumn is slowly creeping by. I can feel the cold moving in. It is seeping into my bones. I cannot wait to sit on the couch and eat our soups. I think this year I will make Ro some american chili. I crave it this time of year. If he does not like it then I will make him some eggs or something and I will eat the chili happily for the next week.

Of course there is news on my sister. I am so very proud of her right now in this time of my life. She has decided to move on from her abusive husband. She moved out on Sunday into a home with her friend in Tacoma. I know some days are going to be hard but she will find Mr. Right someday. Heck she is barely 27 years old. She still has plenty of time to find her happy ever after. Plus with my support and love I know she will know true happiness. I know she is going to go far and he will pay for the pain he has caused her. He will be the one with all the regrets. I am proud of her and I know in time I will only become closer to her.

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Heather said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I love mommy/ daughter time.

Megan said...

Isn't it great when you get to go shopping with only one kid? I love it.

I am so happy and proud of your sister, and you for being a great support for her. I am glad she took herself out of a bad situation. You are a good sister.