Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just another perfect ordinary Day

Just another ordinary day here in our family. It is around 50 outside so the kids can go out and play happily. That is not a normal temp here in Colorado Springs. Normally in Jan we are huddled around the tv in our blankets but for now we will take it.

Roana and Lil Ro decided to go outside and play at the park by our apartment and I went out to go take some pictures. I adore my children and have all these pictures. Some day I pray I can hand them all of them and tell them see how much I really did adore and love you.

Life is going good. I am very blessed right now. We have 2 healthy kids, a warm home, Ro is doing well at his job and we are just being us. I am feeling more confident since starting my new life change and I am enjoying being around my husband. No day is perfect but I will enjoy each one as it could be my last.

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