Sunday, August 9, 2009

A lazy weekend and I would not have it any other way

Saturday was a bust because we had to grocery shop and Ro had to work some overtime but we made it up on Sunday. We are trying to spend less money around this place so instead of splurging and going to Chucke or even just driving around we stayed home. We started our day out at the pool. Then about 2 hours into it we decided we were hungry. Using some leftover charcoal and some thawed chicken and hamburger we cooked out all day long. We sat under a little tree and snacked on our burgers then grilled the chicken to be consumed later in the evening.

After cleaning our little pit and coming home we put on a movie for the kids and went to our room to watch one too. We all fell asleep and then decided to go to the pool again before nighttime.

At night I finally pulled out ea Active and busted my butt. It was fun and I am glad I tried it. It was a cheap weekend but we had a blast. I am blessed to have a home and great family. Life is good and I would not change it for anything right now.

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