Monday, August 3, 2009

Sorry to be gone for so long

We are finally moved. I was getting very stressed in my old place. I honestly felt towards the end of our lease that I was going insane. It took my husband and his friend a total of 8 hours to unload the truck but they did it. I am very proud of them.

Our new place is wonderful. So much better then what I expected. We have a huge green lawn in front and nice mountain views from the back. The pool is heated and the kids love it. We have hard wood floors and nice neighbors. Finally I feel like I am home.

I still have a few boxes to unpack but I know I can get it done slowly. I want to make sure everything is done correctly. I will take a room by room picture once we get our bedroom set but here are a few pictures of the area to give you an idea of where we are now.

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Heather said...

Moves are so refreshing and always a fresh start. Thats one of the few good things I enjoy about moving every 6 months.