Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When will it ever get easier?

Somehow in this crazy mind of mine I thought once a child hit the golden age of three all of the sudden something in his tiny brain would click and he would become a perfect golden child. Oh was I wrong. I was completely wrong in all aspects. It seems like turning three so far has turned on a faucet of rebeling and the beautiful word No. I am seriously thinking about ripping what hair is left out. He is driving me bonkers. Yes I know boys will be boys but he is taking it to the extreme. Every night is a battle and I am practically in tears. I stick him in time out and he laughs at me. Yes he can be a sweet loving child but sometimes I swear I gave birth to lucifer himself.

Tonight was Roana's school concert. I was so excited to see my daughter perform for the last time as a second grader. You guessed it. Little Man decided to be proactive and dance and scream in the aisleways. It honestly took all my willpower not to smack his behind in front of the principal. Roana looked like a princess and sang with her whole heart however thanks to her brother I only got video and I cannot guarantee it is going to have the best quality. Oh well there is always next year. At least mama can hope right?

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Heather said...

3 is a tough age! Cant wait to see pixs of her!