Friday, March 14, 2008

Why does my heart stop every time?

So I was cruising here online and then I did not hear my son. I went into the front room expecting to see him sleeping on the couch. He was not there. I looked on my bed and not there either. I ran to Roana room and not there either. I searched the bathroom not there ran outside thank god not lying on the concrete. I come back in and pick up the phone ready to tell Big Ro this is a sick joke. I see a cover move and I pull it up. My baby is cuddling in his sisters bed instead of on top of it. I burst into tears and hugged him. Now when he is awake I refuse to be on here. My heart stopped and I cannot imagine life without him 1000 things run through your head.

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Anonymous said...

Been there sis. They drive you crazy but wouldn't get rid of them for millions, I know the feeling. Hug him for me.