Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What I am doing to improve me!

An awesome friend of mine has brought it to my attention that I am neglecting myself! So I have made myself a promise...I am going to focus more on Susan and less on being Big Ro's wife and lil Ro's mom. Yes that is a big part of me but I also need to remember that I am an individual. I have wants and needs just like them and I deserve to be pampered. So here is what I am doing...when I get angry I am taking a time out. I am going to focus on positive and not so much negative! I am going to inquire about what it takes to get into my desired career field. I am no longer going to settle for a job I want a life. So to make it short I am going to focus a little more on me. I encourage others also to do the same...thanks for helping me out good friend. You know who you are.

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