Friday, February 22, 2008

5 Things I want you to know

I have been tagged by Jennifer . Anyway here I go....
5 things I want my kids to know.
1. You guys are not perfect but I love you more then life myself and would willingly give my life for yours.
2. You will make me proud whatever you do and whoever you become. You are my children and I could not ask for more.
3. Life is more then money. Yes it does help things but the best things in life are love and true happiness.
4You do not have to settle. You can always strive to be more.
5. Your grandma would be very proud of you guys. I know she is watching you from heaven.

5 things you want to tell you children when they are grown up.
1. Do not go to bed angry. You never know what could happen and may not wake up to make it right.
2. Be grateful for the time we have together. You can make new things happen but your cant replace what has happened.
3. I know I am not perfect but I tried my best. I used the knowlege I gained to make you who you are.
4. Enjoy the small things in life they are the things that you remember in the long run and most rewarding.
5. Sometimes God will through you obstacles you think you cannot handle with prayer and guidance you can get through anything.

5 things you want to tell your child before you die.
1. You are the best thing that happened to me no matter what.
2. You are beautiful regardless of what the world may think.
3.I am your mother and I have taught you many things. I pray you take them to heart but know you guys have taught me the most. Love
4. I know sometimes it seems like I was a mean mom but I only did what I thought was right and I just wanted to protect you. In my eyes you will always be my baby.
5. Your family is all you have. You need to stand with them even if you dont agree with them.

5 things you want your child to know before she dies.
1. I want them to know true partnership and love .
2. Children are innocent and the richest thing a person can leave behind.
3. A good marriage is not the one that always gets along but the one that struggles along and picks each other up when they fall.
4. The joy of sharing what you have but always have the will to give more.
5. That they made me proud and that they have made their children proud.

Jennifer thanks for doing this. I am bawling like a baby. Sure makes you reflect though huh?

I tag anelys, samy, Heather and Meaghan! I look forward to your answers.

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Heather said...

Jennifer tagged me but I cant even think of 5 things, yet alone 20, lol! Great job on yours!!

Momto3LittleFlowers said...

I will work on this when I update my blog later on!!