Monday, February 4, 2008

The good, the bad and the ugly

Life is very very short! I am so very excited. This time last year Rogelio and I were worried about life in general. He was working a temp agency but life was good. Well as of today he is now employed full time. He is offered a great position with the company and will be getting full benefits as of a couple weeks. We will have insurance again! Life is getting better now!

These terrible twos are killing me...lil ro is sucking the energy right out of me. Little boys are so much harder then little girls. They test, touch and taste anything and everything. But I would not trade him for the world.

I miss my mom alot lately. I long to pick up the phone and hear her voice. It still amazes me that she was taken from me so quickly. I know though she looks down upon me and smiles. Well thats it for today..god bless

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carrie said...

Little boys are rough, feel for me I have 3 of them!!! Mom is watching down on you and the kids. She sent Ro-n to you to torture you for your childhood!!! She wants you to get the roughness you gave her! Take care.

Heather said...

Amazing how fast a yr goes.

Jennifer said...

Little boys are harder on the moms when they are younger, but once they reach about 9ish, the girls become WAY more difficult, and you will be wishing for all boys, LOL. I know I am.