Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So hard to watch it all

So here mommy is going crazy. I am chasing lil bit and running back and forth getting stuff for Roana. Life is moving so darn fast. Can you believe its already near the end of February! So guess what? We got another Wii. We had 2 before but had to sell them because of finances but thanks to uncle sam and incredible luck we scored. You guys should really think of getting one! Anyone have any familys out there with them? We are looking for friends. Post your friend id and we can meet up! Still checking out cameras. I am looking at a Sony n2 hopefully I can get a good deal. Wish me luck!

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Wife of a Honduran Man said...

Hi Susan,
Great blog entry. I want a new camera too. My kokak just crapped out. How much did you pay at best buy?

Thank you for sharing,

My3Ro's said...

I got the Kodak dsc-s700 for a whooping $99.00 and then I had them price match a 2 gig memory card for 14.99 from staples. I love this camera. I have been playing with it all morning.