Thursday, February 14, 2008

I hate Holidays!!!!!

I swear when it is my birthday forget it is please. I am so tired of looking forward to holidays just to have my hopes dashed when something goes wrong. We brought home pizza so we would not have to fight with crowds. The kids were doing fine until Roana brought out the candy and Lil Ro wanted some too. I really wish the teachers would leave that crap at home. So Roana pushed her brother and I went over and punished her. Well to make matters worse Big Ro went in and punished her too. I am so angry at him right now. I told him I was taking my shit and leaving him. I cannot take this crap anymore. I swear no more birthdays, no more christmas and No MOre Valentines day! I dont want it and its not worth it. I hope everyone had a great one maybe it makes mine less miserable!

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Jennifer said...

I sent you a comment, but got an error page, so I dont know if you got it or not - but in case you didn't it basically said I am here for you, and I wish we were closer so we could celebrate the holidays together, since mine are always crappy too, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you got the same thing for V day that I got, A BIG HEADACHE!! Hope the weekend is better for you then the week has been, it can only get better right?