Monday, August 23, 2010

We are cutting back

In attempt to save some money and bond closer as a family we are cutting back! We decided a couple of weeks ago that we would cancel our cable. Receiving our bill was the final note. I refuse to pay $140 to Comcast just to stare at an idiot box for hours and making my kids fight. After talking to Big Ro I decided to just cut all the cable out. We now have just internet and that is going to run us $34.95 a month. We are also subscribing to netflix and hulu. I fired the cable network and it felt really good! I honestly do not miss it all. Hubby and I are sleeping better and communicating more and Roana is reading more. I hope we still do well come winter.

Wish us luck but I am going to be happy knowing that we are saving $100 a month now.

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Crystal said...

That's what we did a few months ago too. our cable bill was $160 a month (for 700+ channels) we canceled it and got Netflix. We all LOVE netflix!!! And it's only 9 bucks per month! We love it!