Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hopping down the bunny trail!

I woke up this morning so excited to take the kids to a park to set out some easter eggs. Ro rustled me and said "Baby the egg hunt is not happening today." I was bummed but made the best of it. I saw a commercial for Burger king and we headed over there for lunch. I already had it set in my mind.

I was going to make a dinner noone would ever forget. I went to Burger king and they informed me that they were out of fish and chicken but had chicken nuggets. Ok Whatever this was ot going to get my day down. I ordered a whopper jr with no mayo and headed into the kids place. I went to take pictures and I realized I could see my breath. It was snowing and freezing and the place had no heat. My hubby and I wolfed down the burgers and headed out to Walmart.

While in Walmart I got the makings of a great easter dinner. At home I had the things to make an awesome shrimp cocktail. At walmart I wanted to complete dinner with cheese cake, carrot cake and the best of all White chocolate strawberries drizzled with milk chocolate. I bought everything and I told the kids lets go home. We got home and stayed here for the rest of the evening. The kids played with thier new stash and I cooked and we ate. It was a simple easter but I was very happy we had a great one.


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Anonymous said...

when we were little, if it was bad weather, my mom would hide the eggs in the house. It sounds like you had a great day though, your strawberries look yummy!

Heather said...

wow that looks cold! Happy Easter!

Adrians Mama said...

SOunds like a great Easter! Baskets look good and so does the strawberry!