Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Lil Ro!

Exactly 3 years ago today you came into this world very fiesty. I should have known that would have been an indicator of the future. You were so perfect with your light skin and curly red hair. I was in awe of your handsomeness from birth. My son, my legacy was in this world. My footprint for generations to come had made his apperance. He was perfect and I was in love.

3 years later now you are quite an athlete. You love baseball, soccer, football and even some kickball. You also still love to sing and have an knack for music. I am still amazed my baby is growing so quickly. I know now because of you and your sister that I am a wonderful mother. How else could such beauty and talent exist?

So today on your third birthday my wonderful son I have a couple of words for you. If something should ever happen to me I pray you can look back on this blog and read it and know just how much you mean to me. No matter what you become or who you become I am your mom. I will be proud of you if you are a bum on the street or a CEO of a large company. I will always look at you and see that tiny helpless newborn boy that I had prayed so hard for. The one I cried at the ultrasound when the tech pointed out your lil turtle. I know right now sometimes I get frusturated and feel helpless but it will not always be this way. You my son are the light of my light. You are the perfect combination of your father and I and we will always love you.

My readers...I apologize for now pictures on his birthday. We will be celebrating on this coming weekend. I promise then I will have lots of pictures. I am so blessed that I have now celebrated 2 birthdays with you all. I hope you all remain and watch my children grow into happy and healthy adults.

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Crystal said...

Happy Birthdat Ro-n!!!!!!!

Susan- That was such a beautiful post to your son. It almost brought a tear. So lovely..

I hope Ro-n has the best birthday ever and many, many, many, mant more!!


Heather said...

happy Birthday!