Sunday, April 19, 2009

A busy Sunday Indeed

We woke up today at 830. We found a nice leather case off of craigslist for 4 bucks so we had to go get it. Then we ran to walmart to pick up a tool set. My husband was going to fix our station wagon. I then remembered I had a gift card for my Ro-n for build a bear. We ran to build a bear and built two bears (actually a bear and a dog) and then to kmart and got some clearance clothes for the kids.

We ran to Monica's for lunch. I had a heavenly chile relleno burrito and we chatted in the car. We drove home and Ro parked the car.

I got the dogs and went to the park next door while Ro fixed the car. We flew kites and ran in circles and Ro worked and worked. I am so proud he got that car working again.

We drove the car around as it has been sitting now for 3 months and talked some more. We came home and watched a movie and I made enchiladas potosinas and then went to bed.

It was a busy day but we had a great time. I am glad we get some time as a family. I cannot wait until school is over so we can be a whole family all week again.

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