Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's A.....

Baby! We were burdened by the fear of an ectopic. Then Worried about viability. Yesterday was our 7 week sonagram to check growth at 11. The doctor  took me back into the room at 10:50. Ro was not there. He was supposed to be there at 10:45. The doctor sent me to the bathroom and then I changed for the ultrasound. Ro was not answering his phone at all. I had a feeling from the beginning that he would miss the appointment.At 10:57 we started the sono. The doctor had the monitor turned away from me. She told me she was checking the ovaries, tubes and all that fun stuff.

Next thing I know she turns the tube towards me and I see a beautiful sight. I see flickering. That is my childs tiny heartbeat. It is already beating at 153 bpm. My husband missed it. He missed the whole thing. We chatted for a bit and I would start my regular ultrasounds at 9 weeks. Our new baby will be arriving around 1-8-2014. I am so love with this child already.

I am getting teary typing this up. I will update tomorrow about my big girl. Life with My Ro's is getting interesting. I cannot wait to see where this Ride takes me.

Baby Ro to Be

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