Friday, May 17, 2013

Making Room for My Fourth Ro

I know I am not even out of my first trimester but right now is yard sale time! I have my cradle from when I was born made in 1979. I have a few outfits but honestly we are starting from scratch. I saw a yardsale sign today and something told me to go walking over there. I walked over eagerly and saw a sweet little baby section. I looked at the prices and gasped. It was all for $10!

I got a pack n play. It will be great for when baby is older and needs a nap. I got an exersaucer. I got a bath tub. I got 2 sleepers and a kick and play piano. We are slowly but surely getting ready for babe.

Rowen is going to be in second grade next year! My goodness how time flies.

Roana, is going to be going to college this summer. Crazy but she is ahead and needs to stay ahead.

I am a very blessed woman. Ro is working overtime but he is doing it so our family can grow and be comfortable. I may not have this year going the way I planned but I am happy to say I am happy the way God is taking me.

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