Monday, May 13, 2013

Well us Ro's got quite the surprise

Deep down I have always wanted 3 children. I tried to convince myself that the time is not right. I told myself this world is too insane. Heck I even have an IUD so I will not conceive until I take it out. Well I am here to say when someone else has a plan you cannot change the plan.

On April 29th I took a pregnancy test. I was going to just take this test to get my period to start. It works every other month. Imagine my shock when I saw this....yes it took 12 to convince me!

God has other plans for me. The doctor got me in right away and told me my IUD had failed. She saw a nice thick lining but no baby yet.

Finally the following week I went in and saw this....

It is official we are going to have another Ro come January! I never imagined I would have 3 children but now that I saw that ultrasound I cannot imagine my life without him or her. Follow this page closly. Things are going to get very interesting here come January when I have a 7th grader, a 2nd grader and a newborn. I look forward to posting again and watching my babies grow as a family of 5. Welcome to my new Reality. Life with My 4 Ro's!

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Anonymous said...

yay yay! i saw this on FB b4 but congrats again! One question....when they take the IUD out then is is dangerous or risky to the baby?

Susan said...

When they take the IUD out you have a bigger chance of miscarrying the first week afterwards. Thankfully we are past that point. Now on Weds. hopefully we see the peanut. Keeping the IUD in was way to dangerous.