Thursday, September 10, 2009

A day I will Never Forget

On this day 5 years ago my world came crashing. On this day 5 years ago I lost a big part of me. I will never forget and I will never get that day back. Five years ago my world was torn down and I will never get that back!

It was a beautiful September day. Ro and I were taking the day to relax and just enjoy our little family of three. We went to blockbuster and Golden Corral then we decided to come home and relax very nonchalently. The previous days we had a trip to CA that we never told anyone about and my mom found out. The day before we had a blowout when i told her not to worry that she would get her money. I was going to call her that day and tell her sorry and that I was very stressed. However fate had decided my destiny.

When I got home my answering machine had a strange message from my moms number. Just a bump and hang up. The a couple hours of later my grandparents called and told me it was very important and to call back soon. I called with a pit in my stomach fearing that my grandpa had passed. But instead she broke the news that my mom had passed away in a car accident.

We attended the funeral thanks to my estranged now sister. And I realize now that 5 years ago that is when my family fell apart. Mom I know you are still watching us. I realize that 4 years ago you sent me that positive pregnancy test. And you are the one who sent me my son. Mom you are missed daily and I anxiously await the day we are together again as one! Hold your loved ones close and make sure you tell them exactly how much you love them. You never know today could be the last day you get to do so.

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PuertoVallartaGirl said...

i Know exactly what you are saying, I lost my father, the person I was closest too in my life, my mentor and supporter, my one and only person to talk to about everything in my heart. August 19, 1999 - ten years. I miss him so, I know what you are talking about. I heard about mine on the answering machine.... My dad purposefully waited until I went out of town to let go. He promised me he wouldn't but he did. He had cancer. God bless you and I know what you mean when you say, embrace your loved ones while they are still alive.