Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another First

I am always posting about my babies and dh's first but I tend to neglect the me time. On Sunday my mouth started hurting. I told Ro I think I have popcorn caught in there. I pulled and flossed and cried and figured it would eventually make its way out of there. On Tuesday I could not take it anymore. I called Ro and told him. Honey no more I have to go to the dentist.

I called our dentist and told them my concern. They understood I had lil Ro and could not find anyone to help with him. We got on the bus and headed over to the office. I walked in the door almost 1 hour early and started shaking. I have never been to a dentist. It has been 22 years since one came and saw me at school to do fillings.

The dr takes my xrays and then has me sit down. He tells me I have pericoronitis or swollen infected gum from my impacted wisdom tooth. There is only one solution....tooth extraction. He gave me the option to come back another time but I knew in my heart knowing this issue if he sent me home I would not come back. I stared the doctor straight in the face and told him yank it out.

The procedure took less then 10 minutes and when he yanked the tooth I felt tears roll down my face. However once that tooth popped out I felt an instant relief. Yes there was still a dull pain from the tooth being removed but there was also a sense of more freedom. So that was my first. My first dentist appointment and on the 8th I am going back for a full analysis. I kept the tooth and I told Ro I was sticking it under my pillow and the tooth fairy better bring me a ring or something. Instead the tooth fairy brought me a bottle of pain killer and for that I am very grateful.

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