Saturday, February 26, 2011

Now Announcing Our New Starter for US World Cup

Number 7 Rogelito LastNAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMEEEEEE!!!!!! Ok so right now that is just a dream in my head. I have always dreamed of having my son be the athletic child. A child who was well rounded in every sport. However being a stay at home mom I had to sacrifice that because of financial issues. On last Saturday my prayers were answered. We were driving past a new place called Play It Now Sports and I ran in to see what it was about. Imagine my surprise when I walked in and saw soccer fields, baseball fields and even basketball! I went up to the counter thinking there was no way in heck we could afford this option for our son. However, when they handed me a registration sheet they informed me that registration was $69 and get one sport free. I ran to the car like I was running on air and told Ro. He told me we would see.

This morning we went and registered. Lil Ro had his first practice and I wept when he missed and begged him to play well but most importantly he had fun. We got his team assignment and we have been assigned to the Wildcats! Now here I am busy as a bee.

This is my schedule for the week now. Some may say I am crazy but I love every moment.

Monday: Nothing
Tuesday: Roana Spanish Club
Weds: Roana Student Council
Thursday: Roana Sport's Challenge
Friday: Roana Science Club
Saturday: Lil Ro soccer and soon t-ball
Sunday: Nothing

We have to fit in groceries and the Y there too somedays. I guess at least a busy family is a happy family and at the end that is all that is important.

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