Sunday, May 15, 2011

12 year of Love and Happiness

Today is Ro's and I 12 year anniversary. I do not think I ever shared how we met. So here is the story for those who have never heard.

One night as I was hosting soccerchat I was greating all the people who came into our little room. A name came on called Roger23. I was alottaluv (because I have a lot of love to give). I messaged him to just say hi. He ignore my message and left the room. (later he told me he went to a latinochat). The next day he came on again and I messaged him again. I told him Hi. He still did not reply so I private messaged him. Hi, it's rude not to say hi. He responded back with the message A/S/L. I knew I was taking a chance answering but back then the internet was such much more innocent. I told him 18/F/Ohio. We chatted into the night and finally signed off intrigued with eachother.

The following day before I went to college I got on to send him a message telling him how much I enjoyed our chat and how I could not stop thinking of him. I realized I forgot to get his email. (Stupid me. Back then our email would be our screen name I ran into the room we chatted and frantically asked everyone if I could have his email. One of his friends told me if he wanted me to have it. I would have gotten it. I was upset when his other friend came on. He told me Are you Susan? I said yes thats me. He told me then that Roger told him about a amazing woman he met on there and gave me his address. He then warned me that I better not hurt him. I had no intentions. This was in October of 98.

I later found out he lived in Colorado and was from mexico. We lived 1500 miles apart but I was determined to make this work. For exactly one week our chats were only online. One day he finally told me he needed to hear my voice. He emailed me calling card and his number. I was very nervous when I picked up the phone. I picked up the phone and dialed the number. It informed me that the phone number was disconnected. I was sad and hurt and emailed him. He asked me for the number I was calling. I gave it to him and it turned out he had mixed up the area code. Our calling card was for 2 hours and I called him back. We talked the night away and we both fell asleep holding the phone to our cheek.

When I woke up that morning I knew I had to meet this man. I was head over heels and did not care what people said. My parents warned me that he could be using me. His mom told him I would not understand his culture. We both cried as we talked about ending it for the sake of our families. Before ending it I told him we had to meet in person to make sure it would be over. I had worked all summer in a summer camp and babysitting. I raised 1000 for my personal spending and school costs. I decided I would come out during winter break and visit him. He agreed.

December 5th, I got on a plane in Columbus Ohio. I cried as i hugged my dad and got on the plane for the first time ever. I sat next to a business man and showed off his pictures. He told me that the man I met was a lucky man because he could sense the love we had. He shook my hand as I watched him greet his family.

I stepped off the plane at DIA and I was last off. I was terrified. What if he did not show? What if he hated how I looked? What if I really was a monster? I looked up trying not to cry. Standing in front of me I saw a young handsome man. He was holding a big boquet of balloons and a dozen red roses. He questioned "Susan". I said "Rogelio?" He shook his head and we embraced. We did not even kiss that first meeting. He hugged me so tight that the balloons floated to the top of DIA. I giggled and he apologized. I probably appeared dumb. But that is what 2 hours of sleep will do.

We went to his car and I met his sister and roommates. I sat up front and we held hands the whole time. I was mesmerized by his friends and by this scenery. I felt like I was home.

We went to dinner at a mexican restraunt. I was scared to try anything. I ordered a mexican hamburger and barely touched it. I was so scared he would see the fat me and run. After dinner we went to the pool hall. We played a round and I sucked and he told me let's go play this video game. I am pretty good at it. It was called NFL Blitz. He got a good score and I hugged him. When I hugged him, he turned around and kissed me. It was the best kiss I ever got in my life. We went to the blockbuster next door to rent a movie and he apologized to me. I asked him why? He told me he did not mean to kiss me for the first time in a dirty pool hall. He had planned it to happen on the bridge at the lake across the street overlooking downtown Denver. I was very happy that it happened though because now I could kiss him all over again.

When we left blockbuster we got into his camaro and that marked the beginning of our lives. I do not regret any moment or the way it happened. It was not the most romantic but it was special. I do not find a day where I do not think of that day and smile. It will be special to me until the day I die. Sorry this is so long but it was a long story to tell.