Monday, October 12, 2009

A visit that was long overdue

h my again I apologize. My life is kind of hectic right now with two kids who do not want to stop but I am trying to blog more. Really I am. LOL

I have not seen my sister in over three years. We had a huge rift in our relationship thanks to her hopefully soon to be ex husband. On Thursday my grandparents called me and told me to call my sister. I had asked them what was wrong but they told me I needed to talk to her. After a prayer and many thoughts I decided to pick up the phone. Surprisingly her and I picked up like it was yesterday. Her husband and her had gotten into a knock down fight and she needed to get away. I was happy to hear she wanted to go home to Columbus for a couple of days and encouraged her as getting away from the struggle was a good thing for them both.

On Friday I called her again in the morning. Unfortunately all the planes to Columbus were full and she needed to go away. Ro had told me the previous night if she wanted to she could come here. I offered our apartment and she consulted her soon to be ex and he found her a ticket to Colorado Springs. I was ecstatic. I have not seen my sister since Lil Ro was born.

On Saturday of course the weather decided to take a turn for the worse. I was terrified because the roads were ice packed and it showed no signs of clearing up. We even had a 60 car pileup on the road. Happily her plane arrived safely and she got her rental car. She made it here on record time and I actually felt tears in my eyes as I said Hello.

The kids were ecstatic. Aunt Beckie had came bearing gifts. After a quick tour of the apartment we ran to the dollar tree for some toiletries. She spoiled the kids of course by buying hats, gloves and toys but I did not mind as she hardly sees them anymore.

We came home and ate tamales. She had never had a tamale before and she loved it. The tamales were perfect. The trip was not all good however. I regret to say I found some painful marks on her. I did try to convince her to file a police report but she still loves the man. There is nothing I can do to convince her otherwise. The kids loved her visit. Even the frigid visit to Garden of the Gods.

I am so grateful for our little time together and I pray when she decides to leave him she decides to make Colorado Springs her home. Beckie I love you and I am sorry for all the time I left you with him alone. Remember always the kids love you and would miss Aunt Beckie if something happened. Hope we get to see you soon!


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Crystal said...

Wow! These pictures are so beautiful!! Colorado is a breath takingly beautiful place! So very pretty!