Thursday, September 8, 2011

Supermom, a daily battle

The day is young, you hear screaming and kicking from my apartment. You hear my son holler, "oh God no. I wanna play outside!" I know you are wondering what in the world is going on. This is my daily battle with homework. While I try and start dinner, I bribe them with out door play yet they refuse to do it. They find excuses, "I am hungry." I am tired, I want a toy. I love you dear children but you have to do homework.

My life is now consisted of four main parts, there is Morning routine. I wake up, get the kids dressed and off to school. We manage to do that without pulling all my hair out.Finally at 7:30 the kids are settled at school eating a good breakfast. By the time 8 am rolls around the kids are settled respectively at their desk and I am walking half a mile home.

The next part of my day consists of cleaning, meal planning and some internet. Okay maybe not in that order and a lot of internet that should read. I get bored around 11 and start counting down the hours until my children come running out the door. At 2:15 I finally get into the mode and go pick up my kids and listen to who did what and who likes who. Amazing what drama goes down in elementary school.

By 3 the meltdown begins, I want to play, I want to eat, I don't want dinner. I am bored. I don't want to read. This is insanity. Sometime between now and 5 I have to get some kind of mush on a plate to call dinner and get all the reading, homework and playtime in. I guess the fact that I present a meal with 2 sides can be considered a miracle.

The last part of my day starts around 5. The door opens and Superman comes home. He is rushed with kisses while I finish sweating over a stove. He gets to hear all the good things that happened and then gets the fun time. I get to do about baths, clean clothes, worrying your abcs, how to write your name and all that other fun stuff. Finally around 8 we wind down. We get baths and one more night time story. Mommy turns on the ocean sounds and we drift off to slumber. Sorry, correct that, they drift off while mommy does dishes, lays out clothes and makes sure all homework is put away.

So who said Stay at home moms eat bon bons all day? This mommy can tell you there is plenty to keep me busy. Honestly, in all I am greatful for my life. I have two kids, a devoted husband and roof over my head. So honestly, when does this homework battle end? I know the reward will be worth it in the end. Seeing the little improvements make these battles worth it. The first R-O-G to start spelling his name. The first 100% spelling test to show she has made strides. These remind me of the sacrifices we have made to make my children the best they can me. I am a stay at home mom with homework issues but I can also underline the title Supermom

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