Monday, November 28, 2011

My grandpa a great man

My grandpa was an incredible man. I loved him more then life myself. Probably why I married a man who is a lot like him. Today my grandpa was buried. My heart has been heavy all day and I finally found the way I wished to tribute him. I bought the biggest reddest heart and I sent it to him in the sky. I also found a church walked inside and said a prayer. My heart is calm now.

I was unable to make it to the funeral but my best friend Carrie went and said my Eulogy. This is what I wrote.

I am sorry I am unable to be in attendance with you all today and know my heart is here and my pain is just the same as yours however. I wanted to say a few things so I pray these words find you all comfort right now.

How does one begin to say Goodbye to somebody they have loved their whole life? How does one say see you later to the only consistent person in their life? How do I sit here and begin to bury a huge piece of my heart? The answer is simple. I don’t. God gives us quests and God blesses us with angels. When that angel’s time on earth is through, he calls them back home. On this Joyous Thanksgiving Day my father figure, my grandfather has been called home. He is now sitting aside our Lord and hugging his first daughter with all the strength in he has lost these past years. He is reunited with all his loved ones that have been lost in the past and have mourned. He no longer feels no pain, no sorrow and is watching us and protecting us from the heavens.

Eugene was an incredible man. He unconditionally loved and protected me for 31 years. He always put others before his own needs. He was an incredible husband, father and all around person. He was the kind of person we should all apsire to be.

As a toddler my first word was Grandpa. My mother Debbie used to tell me a story about when I just barely learned to walk that involved him. She told me I was a little over a year old and I would ask to go visit my grandpa and she would tell me not now. Instead as a stubborn toddler would be I would open the front door and go running while she turned her back. She would always end up finding me a couple houses down nestled in my grandpas arms. I was and still am very much a grandpa's girl. I still remember his incredible humor and his smiling blue eyes. I remember his passion and devotion to his family. I remember that incredible man who encourage me to marry a wonderful man who has become my wonderful husband. I thank him now and I am very blessed to have known him these 31 years as my everything.

If I ever had the chance to see him one time before he passed I would tell him thank you. Thank you for brightening this earth with your smile. Thank you for finding the humor in every situation. Thank you for this unconditional love. My heart will never be the same since you have left this earth grandpa. I know someday this pain will heal. Right now it feels like it never will but I know these years will dull it. I want to sit and cry and think of how I will never have these things but now I realize that is selfish of me. You want to me to remember you for your wonderful accomplishments and all the wonderful memories you created. All the holidays, all the parties and all the love.

My dear friends and family, do not sit here and cry. Rejoice because you knew him. He made us all that much better just because he has touched our lives in one way or another. Find comfort now as we all know he will never feel pain and sorrow again. Grandpa you are the reason I am who I am today and for that I am eternally grateful. You have placed your mark on this world in more way then one.

So how do you say Goodbye to someone who has most of your heart attached? You do not say goodbye my loved ones. You say I will see you soon. I anxiously await our reunion in heaven. Until then I will live your legacy and continue making you proud from the heavens. I will be courageous and go on living. I will be the person you dreamed I would become. I was always perfect in your eyes and believe me that perfection was from your love and encouragement. Thank you Grandpa. I will love you with every beat of my heart for always. Thank you my friends and family for your love and remember he is not gone, he continues in each and everyone of us through his memories and legacy. God bless every one of you.

It is going to be a battle every day now without him but I know he is in a better place. I will continue to prosper and I will continue to make him the proudest granpa he can be. I love you papa always and forever.

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