Friday, November 18, 2011

A huge gift of love

I am sorry I have not been on here very often. I thought I would just be a volunteer a couple of days a week but I have turned into room mom. I love my kiddos though and cannot complain a bit. My daughter is doing incredible in school. I cannot complain one bit about her learning or teacher. Lil Ro too is doing an amazing job. He is improving every time I see him. He is my lil Miracle child all the way.

Recently I noticed a trend in his favorite books from the school library. He has been bringing home one series nonstop. It is Called Max Goes to the Moon. He brought home this book about 5 0r 6 times in the past 8 weeks. They are educational books that tell of adventures of a child and her best friend her rottweiler Max. I know my boy would love a book of his very own to cherish. I found the authors website, found his email and decided to write him. We have a very low budget for Christmas this year so I asked the author if I could get a book directly from him. I fully expected paying at least cost. Imagine my surprise when just an hour later he wrote me back. He is going to send my boy a copy of the most recent book. I am sure he is even going to autograph it. The best thing is, he is sending it to me at no charge. I really hope my few fans decide to support this author. He did not have to be so caring about my boy. His books are really interesting and made for all children. If you are looking for a good book for your child this year, I really recommend the Max Series. The author is whimsical but educational. You would not regret this purchase one bit. The best part is the author autographs the books himself.

Max Goes to the Moon
Max Goes To Mars
Max Goes to Jupiter

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Heather said...

thats amazing, so happy for you all