Thursday, June 6, 2013

Baby Frijol Update AKA Baby Ro 4

Finally a normal appointment. This first 10 weeks has been insane. You measure 9 weeks 1 day so we have pushed your due date back to January 8th, 2014 but realistically you will be coming sometime December 2013. I was scared as mommy had some cramping this week and the doctor was concerned. She sent me in for an ultrasound. Happily when I got in there you were happy as could be. Your heart beat I could see was 185 and you were wiggling around. Happy baby in there. You are now 2.5 cm long. Not very big but you are a huge part of my life. Mommy cannot wait to meet you. Mommy cannot wait to find out who you are my sweet Rosalyn or Rodrigo. You are one of the best things that have happened to me and I will protect you with every breath I take. Mommy is so proud you are there and beating all the odds.

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